The Internet of Things (IoT) is composed of physical devices, appliances, and other items that have sensors, software, actuators, and network connectivity. This makes it possible for them to connect and exchange data. It is projected that there will be 20.4 billion connected items by 2020.

In the era of technology, it is impossible to ignore IoT. However, the industry still has a few issues that need to be solved. In the future, there will be a wide array of devices generating vast amounts of data. Right now, the possibility of a smart city seems possible thanks to the use of IoT devices and machine-to-machine communication.

The Problem μNEST Seeks To Solve

Although IoT is all over and spreading, the massive data it generates is not treated with the care it deserves. If the IoT industry is to succeed, there needs to be better security. In this era, big companies are constantly collecting personal data. Hackers see this as a good opportunity, and they are always trying to crack open the servers.

Researchers warn that in the future, devices such as smart sound boxes can monitor all kinds of voice communication. Modern devices can collect user data and utilize it to sell products to them on the mobile phones or other devices. However, the upgrade of IoT technology continues to lag behind.

For instance, in 2016, Botnet Mirai launched a 14-gest DDoS attack. This led to the compromise of numerous home cameras and routers. The major issue that the IoT market faces today is the integrity of data transmission, collection, storage, and processing.

However, that is hard to guarantee since most of the IoT market is in the c/s mode. The mode is centralized, thus has the problem of a single point of failure. For instance, the Tpo2 shared bike company often faces a central point breakdown. When it happens, bikes in a large area remain locked.

Another problem that exists is that the Public Key infrastructure has significant flaws. For one, it is quite fragmented. Besides that, despite huge amounts of data being harvested, large companies have limited options for sharing the data. This information ends up in silos; its value is underutilized.

For instance, when a patient visits a new medical facility, most of the tests usually need to be repeated. The reason for this is that the data sharing mechanism among hospitals often has glitches. This problem of data silos has a real cost, especially in the auto industry. Insurers may identify a pattern with vehicles, but they are not able to share the data with manufacturers.

The μNEST Trusted Blockchain + IoT Data Security Project Solution

UNEST proposes to lower entry barriers for IoT blockchain integration. This will make it possible for developers to deploy PoC with ease. Thus, they are creating a pub blockchain together with the hardware. This will be dedicated to IoT to make up for shortcomings of current projects. The project will bring security to IoT and allow for efficient value exchange and collaboration in a non-test environment.

μNEST NEST Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: NEST
  • Total Tokens: 7,000,000,000 NEST
  • Date: TBA
  • Distribution:
  • 20%- Team
  • 5%- Proof-of-i/o
  • 15%- Pre-A fundraising
  • 25%- Community

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