0.exchange review

0.exchange is the world's first decentralized darkpool and is set to launch in April 2018 with its first opening for the industry to see.  With a deep dive look to come in the near future, the 0.Exchange blockchain network will have a focus on a truly decentralized peer to peer dark pool trading exchange that can run fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat.

What will remain to be seen will be in the near future but the trustless and electronic nature the 0.exchange is bringing to the darkpool marketplace will be of instant value for end users. They plan to tackle the size and speed of moving large trades in markets, as well as the custody of centralized exchanges who are vulnerable to hacks and/or running with possession of customer funds and then the verification where it can happen anonymously.

At the beginning of January 2017 the Cowen Market Structure released a Volume and Liquidity update and said 36% of all US equity trading volume occurs “off exchange” in that 42% were dark markets and 58% was peer to peer direct. This is where 0.exchange hopes to prevail in providing an ‘off exchange' marketplace for large capital as the crypto space matures and more money moves in from the sidelines.

Top 3 Benefits of the 0.exchange:

  • Size: anonymously matched traders from qualified buyers and sellers at fixed price
  • Custody: decentralized zero-knowledge proof escrow network transaction fiat/crypto
  • Verification: anonymous blockchain distributed consensus network verifying bank APIs

We will be interviewing the 0 exchange team of David, Matthew, Chris, Brad & Yusuf and give updated information about each of their decorated backgrounds. There will be *much* more details on the newly formed exchange as many great minds are behind the scenes chiseling away what is shaping up to be an excellent product and reliable upgrade in a space that is growing in demand and privacy.

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