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Despite the online rumors that cryptos are dying, and that they have no real value, they still continue to be used as payment methods every day, even outside the internet. The latest example of this, that some see as a large breakthrough for cryptos, includes the purchase of an entire house via Bitcoin in Delaware.

Real Estate Business Goes Crypto

Cryptocurrencies continue to make large, world-changing breakthroughs on a daily basis now. The latest such development includes the purchase of a stunning home in Delaware, which was purchased via Bitcoin (BTC). This represents yet another large step to mainstream adoption of crypto, and the state of Delaware joins the ever-growing list of places where digital currencies can be used as a viable payment method.

According to the new report from Delaware Business Times, a real estate broker for Sotheby's International Realty, Michael Kelczewski, has recently sold a Newark house for $1.75 million. The house itself is located on a 4.2-acre plot of land belonging to the city of Newark.

The house is five years old, has several beautiful bedrooms, a kitchen prepared for its new chef, as well as living areas full of sunlight. Additionally, the house also offers a wine cellar, a swimming pool, and even a theater room.

According to Kelczewski's website, the house was purchased on July 6th for $1.35 million. However, the website doesn't say that the sale was done through the use of Bitcoin. In fact, the website still lists the house as open for sale. Still, after being contacted, Kelczewski confirmed that the website will be updated soon enough.

Are Crypto Payments The Future Of Real Estate?

Judging from his Facebook page, the house seems to have been listed back in January 2018. Not only that, but he describes it as the first property in the state of Delaware that can be purchased via Bitcoin. After the sale was done, Kelczewski confirmed that it was possible via Bitcoin, and has even published a post in which he states that this way of payment is how these things will be done in the future. Additionally, he stated that he hopes to continue using cryptos as his business grows and develops.

This is not the first time that the real estate business has considered the use of Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin was already used for buying properties in the UK, Dubai, as well as the US. The cryptocurrency has even become a viable way of payment by a big residential contractor for Ireland. This exact approach to cryptos is what platforms like CryptoHome and BitProperty are trying to employ. The founder of CryptoHome, Kenny Hayslett, even listed some of the benefits of using BTC in this line of business. He stated that the real mystery is the fact that cryptos aren't being used more. They are a form of money, despite the fact that they come in a digital form.

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