1000BTCEZY is a bitcoin-based pyramid scheme that promises to give you 1000 bitcoins “easy”. Find out if this is a scam or a legitimate investment opportunity today in our review.

What Is 1000BTCEZY?

1000BTCEZY, found online at 1000BTCEZY.com, is a bitcoin investment program that promises to help you make 1000 bitcoins (about $2.8 million) “easy”. That’s right: even if you have minimal investment knowledge or cryptocurrency experience, 1000 BTCEZY will help you earn a massive amount of money easily.

How does 1000 BTCEZY plan to do that? The secret behind 1000 BTCEZY has nothing to do with bitcoin: it’s just a pyramid scheme. You pay to join the company, and your money gets funneled up the pyramid. In order to make a positive ROI, you need to recruit other people beneath you in the pyramid.

1000BTCEZY uses a 5 tier affiliate system. So far, the company claims that over 3,700 people from 173 countries around the world have joined the platform. Based on a map on the website, the majority of those customers are based in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Essentially, the 1000BTCEZY business model revolves around you joining the company for free, then paying a “donation” to the person above you in the pyramid scheme. Then, your goal is to recruit other people to make similar “donations” to you.

How Does 1000 BTCEZY Work?

1000 BTCEZY doesn’t appear to sell any product or service. The only “product” sold here is the membership. You sell memberships into the company, then make a portion of each member’s joining fee.

By recruiting enough people, you can earn 1000 bitcoins easily. The website mentions three different ways to make money:

Earning Through The “Donation System”

This donation system is a 5 level deep affiliate program (i.e. a pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing structure) where sponsors will receive bitcoins from donators. There are 5 levels of participation, and 1000 BTCEZY doesn’t go into any further detail about how it works. Why would someone make a donation to another person? We’re not sure.

Earning Through “Bonuses”

When you register for 1000 BTCEZY, you get 1 Bitcoin ($2800 USD) in your wallet immediately. The company will release that 1 BTC to you at a rate of 100 Satoshi every hour. In order to get your Bitcoin bonus, you need to share links on your Facebook. Again, 1000 BTCEZY doesn’t do a good job of explaining it. The website just says you’ll get your money “when the system get information clicking links from sharing on your Facebook until the amount bonus.” That’s the word for word description.

Earning Through The Automated System

“Our system will be auto recruiting platform on the page when you sleep for only “Active Member”, explains the 1000 BTCEZY official website in one of the worst sentences we’ve ever read. It’s unclear what this means.

Once you read through the broken English and gibberish on the 1000BTCEZY.com website, you’ll learn that you basically sign up for free, then pay the company to get an active membership (although this payment is officially called a “donation”), then share the company to your friends and family, and make money through their “donations”.

In other words, 1000 BTCEZY is a blatant pyramid scheme with no product or service being sold – it’s just a membership-based pyramid scheme.

Who’s Behind 1000 BTCEZY?

Understandably, the creators of 1000 BTCEZY refuse to disclose any information about themselves. The company has no “About Us” page or “Contact” page. There’s no information about where the company is headquartered, or why you should trust them with your money.

The only information we have about the company is from a WHOIS lookup, which tells us the 1000BTCEZY.com domain was registered on July 10, 2017.

In other words, 1000 BTCEZY is brand new – which is surprising because the company claims to have thousands of members in nearly every country in the world.

1000 BTCEZY also has social media accounts – including Twitter – but has never posted anything to those accounts.

Conclusion: Is 1000BTCEZY A Scam?

We’d love to tell you that it’s easy to earn 1000 bitcoin ($2.8 million) online with no real work. But it’s not. 1000 BTCEZY appears to be a blatant scam. At worst, the company will steal your money and disappear, never to be seen again. At best, the company lures you into a pyramid scheme where the only way to make a positive ROI is to recruit new members to the scheme.

There’s also the problem where the company promises to give you 1 bitcoin just for signing up. When somebody promises to pay you 1 BTC ($2800 USD) in exchange for signing up for a free account, that should be a huge red flag.

In any case, there’s no evidence that 1000 BTCEZY has paid anyone, or that anyone has made any money through the platform – certainly not $2.8 million (1000 BTC). All signs point towards 1000 BTCEZY being a blatant scam or pyramid scheme.

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