This is a new platform that is designed to provide users with a coin that can be used to cover the costs of dozens of services. And as of right now, the current rate of exchange is 75,000 to 1 ETH, plus the sale ends in a little under a half day. As of now, the platform has had 10 contributors so far. Sales have accomplished the company collecting more than 1.7 million of the tokens sold. You can go to the company website and buy OHC tokens at any time. One of the best aspects to look at is the rating the platform received on TrackICO, which is a 5.0. ICO Rated has given the platform a 4.4, quite the considerable rating for a ranking out of 5.

What Is 100 Tokens?

How Does 100 Tokens Work? Surprisingly, the company has already achieved all the crowd funding needed. Now they can use the utility token to hit the best numbers. The main purpose is to build the ultimately utility coin, one that can be used to cover many basis, while working in a time healthy, efficient manner.

As of now, the token is being distributed with the goal of being different than other tokens on the market. So far, there are several platforms accepting the token – making it easy to use the token for anyone wanting a solid way to make payments across multiple platforms.

The premise is they believe coin exchange values are strongly based on the use value. This means, a coin with multiple uses, being able to pay for several different products or services is worth more than one with limited usage. Which is why the company makes claims the token can be used across more than a hundred different platforms.

About 100 Tokens ICO Details

Once the company’s token has gone through the stages of pre-ICO, it will then be accepted for use as a payment utility token, eventually being used to pay for the use of dozens of different platforms. The Token SALE that is running right now, has a max of 400,000,000 tokens up for sale. The official start date is October 10th, of 2018 and the end date is October 10th, 2018. To invest in the company you only need one half Ether with a Soft Cap of 20,000 ETH and a Hard Cap of 45,000 ETH.

  • Token Symbol: OHC
  • Token Sale Starts: 10 October 2018 CET
  • Token Sale Ends: 10 November 2018 CET
  • Token Price: Min investment 0,05 ETH
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion OHC
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Soft Cap: 20 Thousand ETH
  • Hard Cap: 45 Thousand ETH

Who Is Behind 100 Tokens?

There’s a massive team of entrepreneurs on the team, each of them with a lengthy background in the technology sector and business. You can easily go to the website, see all the team members, then check them out on the LinkedIn social media platform for verification.

100 Tokens in Conclusion

The platform is a real platform, with a real team. There is always a risk when investing – but with a team that can be verified running the show, the chance of being scammed is significantly lowered. Learn more about the platform on the website.

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