To make transactions with someone you do not know, it usually means getting an agency involved. However, the agency or broker will usually take a cut of your profits. The cost gets even higher if the person is in another country.

The 12Ships Solution

The solution is the blockchain, whose security is usually maintained via mining operations. 12Ships wants to ensure that people can make stable and secure profits via smart mining solutions. Their mining solutions will be environmentally friendly and have a high performance.

The first issue they wish to solve is that of air-cooling in the mining rigs. These rigs consume a lot of power and produce a lot of dust and noise. To resolve this issue and cool the hash board of a low power high-performance ASIC chip, they have adopted immersion cooling. The chip is usually immersed in a non-conductive liquid to cool it.

This method can effectively cool the ASIC chip and maximizes its performance compared to using air-cooling. Besides that, they plan to utilize an eco-friendly mining rig that uses heat from the immersion cooling on fisheries and agriculture to recycle the thermal energy. The entire rig is built inside a 20-foot container, which is easy to maintain.

For purposes of transparency, this project will establish 3S operation as the core policy. You will be able to check the mining status in real time. Additionally, you can check the mining rig via CCTV footage. The earnings and expenditure are also kept transparent. Best of all the entire operation is powered by smart contracts that run on the ethereum blockchain.

12Ships Smart Mining, Contracts, Monitoring & Voting Policy

The mining pool will operate democratically. Token holders will be able to set the agenda for the mining operations. For instance, they can set mining targets, re-investment ratio, and distribution terms. This will all be possible via a smart voting system.

The holders of 12SHIPS tokens, which will be distributed at the ICO by the 12Ships Foundation, will share the earning of the mining rigs proportionally. That means those with more tokens will get a bigger share of the profits. They will also have more influence in the decision-making process. Thus, if you want to determine the future development of 12Ships, you should purchase more tokens.

One billion 12SHIPS tokens powered by Ethereum will be issued. Out of this, fifty percent will be sold at the ICO. Those who take part in the early bird program will have a chance to earn up to 40 percent more tokens.

12Ships Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: 12SHIPS
  • Name: TwelveShips
  • Standard: ERC 20
  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Pre-Sale Price: 1 ETH = 7,000 12SHIPS
  • Crowd Sale Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 12SHIPS
  • Accepted: ETH
  • Date: July 15 – July 31

12Ships Mining Equipment

The Panokseon II is a mining rig that comes with an ASIC chip designed for bitcoin cash and bitcoin. It will launch in October and will be used to operate the 12Ships mining infrastructure. The first mining distribution is expected to happen in December 2018. After that, the company will add a dedicated ASIC chip that can utilize GPU mining.

The 12Ships Vision

The Blockchain is an innovative technology that is probably the most impact innovation after the internet in modern times. This project has a vision of creating a better life for the entire human population using the blockchain.

Unfortunately, most power today is concentrated in mining rigs. The aim of 12Ships is to change this state of affairs. To achieve their goal, this project will first create the Panokseon miner. They intend to solve the issue of power consumption by recycling energy; thus, creating an eco-friendly project.

In the second stage of this project, the developers will launch blockchain services that will run on the Panokseon hash power. The first target will be games that people can use to make a profit online. They will also launch an e-commerce service, which will reveal the true value of the blockchain. This e-commerce service will make it possible for people who do not know each other to buy and sell without having to involve any third parties.

The end goal is to create a global trust platform where customers can buy, sell, and make a profit with just a few clicks on their computer. Besides that, it will eliminate the overbearing costs that make it hard for small businesses to thrive.

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