Digital currency is changing the way the world works. In future, these developments based on the blockchain are meant to make it easier to conduct transactions with ease anywhere. The 1APayment project aims to be part of this revolution. In fact, it has already launched its ICO, which is set to end in about three days.

What Is 1APayment?

This is a platform, which upon launch, is going to unite the global payment system with the world of crypto. It will make it possible for anyone in the world to use their crypto credits for making payments. This platform is an exchange, payment platform, and a bank combined into one. With the banking service to be offered, users will have access to a debit/credit card.

The card will enable users to pay for goods and services in almost any shop anywhere in the world. Whether it is buying fuel or paying for cinema tickets, this platform has it all. In essence, this platform is quite similar to services found on online banking platforms.

The 1APayment Safe Cryptocurrency Payments Token Vision

Today, you cannot pay for your electricity, apartment, or even a vacation with crypto coins. In cases where you can, it is complicated and rare. However, the developers of this project feel that everyone should have easy access to financial instruments, even when they use crypto. This system should make it possible for crypto owners to not just make transactions but to pay their ordinary bills. 1APayment is intended to work as a unifier of the fiat system and crypto world.

On this platform, users will be able to change their digital coins to Euros, USD, and other fiat currencies in an instance. It is going to be connected to payment providers like PayPal, WorldRemit, Western Union, and many others.

The Legal Situation

The team for this coin intends to be legally compliant. They will get an international banking license in New Zealand, which will ensure that they are also compliant with tax laws. The company was registered in Switzerland. In future, they are going to launch various subsidiaries in the countries and continents in which they will work. This will make it possible for them to be legally complaint globally. However, their services will not be offered in areas where they are expressly banned by the authorities.

1APayment 1AP Coin ICO Details

The ICO started in March 2018 and is meant to last for 4 weeks. The discount percentages for the ICO have been as follows:

  • Week 1-15%
  • Week 2-10%
  • Week 3-5%
  • Week 4-2.5%

All coins that are unsold will be destroyed at the end of the ICO. 46 Million 1AP coins are being offered for sale during the ICO out of 80 million coins. The funds will be utilized for developing services and products and marketing purposes.

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