There are various cryptocurrency platforms that those interested in participating in the cryptocurrency market can choose from. With the right platform, users can feel like their making headway concerning their cryptocurrency investment goals With that, this review would like to introduce users to a new platform called 1KCoin. This is an equity crowdfunding platform that is comprised of a “private club of investors, with the goal of brining friends together in a community.” While not all participants are professional traders, many of them are experienced in the trading system and are looking to use their crypto-knowledge to succeed.

What Is 1KCoin?

1KCoin is an equity crowdfunding platform for those who are in the crypto field. Those who use this platform may be able to finally enjoy from a community of traders who share the same passion, knowledge, and desire to participate in the crypto field. There are also several prime features of this platform and while there are no guarantees involved, the platform’s users can feel confident that they are making a smart decision.

1KCoin Private Crypto Club Crowdfunding Advantages

There are several potential advantages associated with 1K Coin Equity Crowdfunding. Here are what users can expect from this platform:

Completely Decentralized

First, this platform is “completely decentralized.” This quality makes it easier for users to manage their crypto investments. The lack of oversight can enable users to feel comfortable doing what they do and to potentially succeed at it as well.

Easy To Use Tools

Second, dissimilar from most other platforms, this one features tools and systems that are very easy to use. The members of the platform can bypass the common issues, such as confusion, looking how up the platform works, and the like – all of which waste time and energy. Here, users may be able to essentially “jump right in.”

Flexibility In Investment

Third, there is flexibility involved in the investment process. As the brand explains, projects are voted by the community, so the investments are ones that a majority of the members can agree upon. Ultimately, this may lead to greater levels of comfort and satisfaction.

Free Educational Program

Finally, the platform also offers members the opportunity to tap into the free educational programs concerning cryptocurrencies. These programs can ensure that users are knowledgeable and informed about the crypto market, how it works, investment opportunities, and so much more.

As users can tell, there are several advantages associated with this platform. Here, members can feel good about the real growth plan that the platform offers, enabling them to be more comfortable with their decisions as well.

1KCoin Token ICO Details

1KCoin is holding an ICO to be rolled out in 5 stages. Each stage offers a better price then the next. The ICO started on 03/1/18 and will end when the maximum token amount of 10 million are sold. 1KCoin can be purchased using WAVES in the DEX exchange.

1KCoin Summary

Overall, those who are interested in a new crypto platform for like-minded individuals with similar goals may find the right solution with 1KCoin. To learn more and to get started, just visit the brand’s website today.

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