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1Pay Coin is a bitcoin investment that promises to pay you 250% returns in 5 business days. Keep reading to find out if 1Pay Coin is legit or a scam today in our review.

What Is 1Pay Coin?

1Pay Coin, found online at 1PayCoin.com, is a bitcoin investment scheme that describes itself as “a modern investment company from the UK.”

The company’s website advertises “investment plans” where you can earn 250% in just five business days – which makes 1Pay Coin one of the best guaranteed investments the world has ever seen.

The website also advertises investment plans that pay you 560% after 65 business days or 2000% after 125 business days.

Ultimately, when someone advertises 250% returns in 5 business days, you can be almost certain that you’re being scammed. Based on that interest rate, you can turn even a small investment into a million dollars within a year.

Obviously, we’re already seeing a lot of red flags surrounding 1Pay Coin. Let’s take a closer look at how the company claims to earn money.

How Does 1Pay Coin Claim To Work?

1Pay Coin claims to pay you enormous ROI after just 5 business days. In reality, these types of gains aren’t available to even the best cryptocurrency traders – even if you get really lucky. No investment company in the world is going to guarantee gains like that.

So how does 1Pay Coin promise such an enormous return?

In reality, the company is just trying to lure you into some pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing scam. That scam claims to pay 1% to 3% on referrals, down 3 levels.

Like other bitcoin pyramid schemes, you’ll pay to join 1Pay Coin. Then, the only way to make a return on your investment is to convince other people to join the scam underneath you.

In reality, the most likely outcome to 1Pay Coin is that you’ll lose all of your money the moment you deposit it. Scams like this have appeared in the bitcoin community repeatedly over the past few months. They attract newbie investors who want to participate in bitcoin’s massive gains – but aren’t sure how to get started.

Who’s Behind 1Pay Coin?

One of the easiest ways to spot a bitcoin scam is when the company refuses to disclose any information about itself or its management team.

1Pay Coin gives us slightly more information about the company – although we’re still missing a lot of info. The 1Pay Coin website features a corporation registration document from the UK that appears to be legitimate. However, a quick Google Search for the listed “Company Number” of 06846514 shows that the number actually belongs to a Birmingham-based company called Digi.Direct Ltd. Based on these documents, it appears 1Pay Coin is using another company’s registration information as its own in an effort to persuade customers that it’s a legitimate business.

Aside from this shady information, we don’t have any further details about who’s running 1Pay Coin. We do have an email address ([email protected]) and a phone number (+441138681496).

Interestingly, the website claims that the company has been around for five years – when in reality, the website was registered in July 2017.

Ultimately, when a company is asking you to invest thousands of dollars, but refuses to tell you any legitimate information about itself, you’re probably being scammed.

1Pay Coin Conclusion

We can find zero evidence that 1Pay Coin is a legitimate investment opportunity. At best, your money is used to fund some pyramid scheme. At worst, the company will disappear offline and steal every customer’s deposit as soon as it attracts enough money. In either situation, you’re unlikely going to see your money again – not to mention the “250% ROI” guaranteed by the company.

The company has so many red flags that we can’t even mention them all here. First, the company appears to have stolen another company’s UK registration number. Second, the company makes ridiculous guarantees about its ROI – including a guaranteed ROI of 250% after just 5 business days. Basically, the company has been caught lying about virtually every piece of information about its page.

For all of these reasons, you should absolutely avoid giving your money to 1Pay Coin – or any other blatant bitcoin scams.

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