1World claims to be revolutionizing online media with blockchain technology and incentives for audience participation.

What Is 1World?

1World enables publishers and brands to their hear customers' voices through interaction and engagement tools including in-context polls, quizzes, debates, trivia, insights, and interactive maps, and provides embedded advertising, commercial information collection, and state-of-the art analytics. Today more compared to 2000 sites/publishers use their system, and up to 1.5m people participate every month.


Users can request their own questions or use popular polls from 1 World's network of publishers. Customize the poller to meet the needs of the website's look and feel.


Easily create and deploy quizzes on a topic of one’s choice, which range from trivia to character quizzes, or choose one of the many popular quiz topics.


Polls allow users to survey their audience and get to the bottom of what is important to them. 1World has created two participating kinds of polls: a full page large format poll and a smaller widget-style survey that may be embedded on the website.


Gamify one’s website by utilizing 1 World's Trivia Unit to provide addicting content of their personal or by the 1World library. Learn what the audience knows about current events, celebrities, historic facts, and much more!

1WO Token

The team is introducing their our own cryptocurrency (Media Coins) in late 2017 to boost engagement gamification/monetization choices that results in unprecedented Win-Win-Win model between Users, Publishers and Services offered to them.

Deployment Options

Deploying 1 World's software is quick and effortless. Just add 1 line of JavaScript to the site template on all pages.

Content From 1World Library And Partners

The 1World platform can aid with timely, newsworthy, visual, and optimized content for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and much more.

1World has a rich library of hot polls, quizzes, And surveys, all available for their use. One can also syndicate popular material from different partners to increase traffic.

Advertising Options

Boost user participation whilst generating new revenue opportunities. Here's how it works:

“Set it and forget it”: 1World can manage all of the articles and fill the advertising inventory through their partnerships with the top online advertisement exchanges and ad networks.

Plug in one’s own advertising network or programmatic partner and fill the advertisement stock in 1 World's tools. 1World keeps a small, flat fee to pay for hosting and ad serving costs.

Sell custom, sponsored native articles for premium advertisers at high CPMs for maximum revenue from one’s content and website traffic.

Monetize New Ad Inventory

Ads or sponsorships can be set up in different adjoining locations: on top, underside, either side, as an interstitial, or mix.

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