$2 Million Bitcoin Puzzle Cracked Just Days After Being Posted Online

Yesterday, we told you about a bitcoin puzzle where someone hid $2 million of bitcoin. Today, someone solved that puzzle and the BTC wallet was suddenly drained in a single transaction.

The picture puzzle first appeared online last week. The puzzle’s creator, who goes by the pseudonym “Pip”, challenged the internet to solve the puzzle to uncover the private key to a BTC wallet.

The game sparked major interest. The 310 BTC ($2 million) prize was magnitudes greater than most similar challenges online. On October 10, the 310 BTC jackpot inside the wallet was drained, and we assume someone has successfully solved the puzzle.

“This is a challenge in which 310 BTC is hidden in the picture shown above. Whoever finds the key to the coins may keep the bitcoins,” explained the anonymous creator of the Bitcoin Challenge website.

The creator of the Bitcoin Challenge website claims to be an early adopter of bitcoin. He mined bitcoin with his desktop computer in the early days, then purchased bitcoin in large amounts when it was cheap.

He claims most of his friends and family are aware of his bitcoin fortune, although he wants to keep his identity private to avoid public attention.

“I don’t want to donate to charity (I have my own reasons for that, don’t ask) but whoever cracks the code can do whatever he/she wants (including donating to charity),” explains Pip on the official website.

In any case, Pip’s challenge was successfully solved within a week of posting it online. The news was confirmed on the BitcoinChallenge.codes website.

Today, the website features the same black and white image that puzzled the internet for a week. The image’s caption, however, now reads that the 310 BTC wallet key has been solved. The wallet has been drained, although it’s unclear who solved it or where the money has gone.

There were three other private keys hidden in the image. Two of those three private keys have been solved, and the wallets associated with those private keys have been claimed for a total of 0.1 BTC and 0.2 BTC. A third wallet with 0.31 BTC remains unsolved.

If you think you can solve the Bitcoin Challenge website’s problem, then you can visit BitcoinChallenge codes today. The $2 million jackpot has already been claimed, but the 0.31 BTC private key remains unsolved.

It’s unclear how the puzzle was solved or who solved it. However, we expect an explanation video to appear online soon – either from Pip or from the person who solved Pip’s bitcoin challenge.

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