2018 Crypto World Cup Team

In May 2018, Forbes theorized that the 2018 World Cup, which is being held in Russia, could make a major difference in the cost of Bitcoin, causing it to rise in value. Unfortunately, the crypto industry hasn’t kept up with the prediction, as the value of the coins go down.

In the spirit of this worldwide event, a crypto blogging website decided to come up with their own “dream team” lineup of what their World Cup would look like with the best players of the industry.

The first position needed for the team is a manager, which would be Vitalik Buterin. Though he’s young, many enthusiasts acknowledge him as a tactical genius that lacks the fear and hesitation in his investment that more seasoned players would have. Some of the reason the blog selected him has to do with his Russian descent, due to the location that the World Cup is taking place.

The goalkeeper would be Tether, which is a “stablecoin.” They maintain a solid ratio, and they don’t make any substantial changes that would impact their platform, which would make them calm and consistent in their defense.

The center-backs of the team would be Monero and ZCash. Monero is an aggressive platform, willing to compete against other opportunities with an interesting range of opportunities. ZCash doesn’t have the same experience, but they have impressive privacy and security in their ecosystem.

Iota and Nano would play the role of the full-backs. This position requires the participant to maintain speed and reliability, which is why some people may believe that this role would be better suited for Ripple. However, both Iota and Nano have short transaction times for completion at three minutes and five seconds, respectively.

Bitcoin and Ethereum would run the show as the center mid-fielders. This is easily the most important position to be in, so using the most popular tokens and platforms on the market is a fairly easy decision. Bitcoin has the most history of any potential “player” in this competition, even though they’ve had their share of issues over time. Ethereum doesn’t have all of the excitement of bitcoin, but it helps to bring everyone together.

EOS and TRON would be the easiest platforms to make into wingers. EOS is being regaled as a prodigy and “the next Messi,” so the decision to make them part of the wingers is a long-shot. However, TRON’s entertaining setup and excitement from followers helps them to be a great combination.

The strikers would be VeChain and Lisk. VeChain comes from Asia, but it has made consistent progress with developing relationships with other institutions and platforms. Lisk may not be the most popular or lucrative token, but their strengths are solid, and they work hard to deliver to users.

Between these players, winning a crypto World Cup could be relatively simple.

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