2018 Survey Shows Top Cryptocurrency States By Usage & Interest

The United States is one of the countries where virtual currencies had an important impact. But there was not clear information about which states were the most interested in these new cryptocurrencies. Thanks to a survey conducted by RewardExpert, we now know that nearly 80% of Americans have heard about bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Top 10 US States Interested In Cryptocurrency


According to this survey, California is at the top of the list. In this state, Google Trends’ keyword data shows that Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple score 98,92,97, and 85, respectively. Moreover, the term ‘cryptocurrency’ received a score of 93 over 100, meaning that the general interest for digital assets is very high. Additionally, California has over 500 establishments where Bitcoin is accepted as a form of payment.

New York

New York comes in the second place. Being the financial capital of the United States and the world, it couldn’t be excluded from the top 3 states. New York’s overall trends score for interest in specific cryptocurrencies to 96.25 over 100.

New Jersey

This state has the most scientist per capita and is the home to the most educated population in the whole country. Indeed, it is very close to New York in the measures of interest in cryptocurrencies. It is important to mark that the interest in Ripple is the highest than anywhere else in the country.


Washington is the home to major technology giants such as Amazon and Microsoft. Due to this reason and the fact that it is the place for innovation, Washington is very close to the top three states in the ranking. Interestingly, Ethereum scored 100 points in this state.


On the fifth place, Alaska shows an important interest for virtual currencies. Indeed, the term ‘cryptocurrency’ had the highest result than any other state.


Nevada’s interest in Bitcoin and virtual currencies may be driven partly because of the libertarian streak in the state’s politics. Moreover, as it is near to California the results could be influenced by this fact. The overall interest in cryptocurrencies scores 84 over 100.


With an average score of 74 points for each currency, the keyword cryptocurrency scores 77. It may be a possibility that Floridian retirees are searching for a better investment option than real estate.


The interest for Bitcoin is high, scoring 81/100. There are some places accepting cryptocurrency payments in the Salt Lake City area. That suggest that there is a well-developed tech industry in the region.


This state may rank in the 9th place because of the wealthy Gold Coast Region and New York City commuters. Bitcoin and Litecoin searches are very high and it scored very similar to Utah in general terms.


Colorado came in the last top 10 place because its growing technology industry sector and an educated and libertarian population. The interest for Ethereum is unusually high in this state, scoring five points above the average of 76 among the other virtual currencies.

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