2048 game

In the world of passionate gamers, Candy Crush is among the absolute must-haves if one is to remain active and indeed kill time. But there’s an even more addictive, intrigue-filled game loved by math enthusiasts that have suddenly shot to the top in both the Android app store and iOS store. 2048 Game is ridiculously addictive, infuriatingly puzzling initially conceived by a smart, 19-year old Italian boy.

What is 2048 Game?

2048 Game is a single-player, sliding block math-based puzzle game created and released on 9th March, 2014. Gabriele Cirulli wrote it; then in JavaScript and CSS, though today, this game has been cloned and reproduced for different platforms. At the moment, it is available for play on iOS and Android devices as well as on the PC, where it is played online, via web browsers.

The player slides numbered tiles, combining identical ones to form a single tile numbered 2048. This game isn’t as easy as it may appear, however. While merging the tiles to create the all-important 2048, spaces are used up, and that spells the end of the game!

How to Play 2048 Game

2048 Game is centered on a devilishly simple idea – you use the arrow keys to slide pieces around the 4×4 grid. Each movement sends the tiles to as far as it can go in a specific direction, while at the same time causing a 2 or 4 to appear on the board randomly. As the value increases, tiles change color and will emit a glow around them.

Basically, the player moves tiles throughout the grid, so they touch and build a tile numbered 2048. Whenever two tiles with similar numbers touch, they merge into double the number. Two 4s become 8, two 16s become 32 and so on. 2048, therefore, is achievable when two 1024s merge.

You will Need a Few more Shots to Master this Game!

Everyone will struggle with this game – that’s for sure. But the app has the best scores leaderboard that lets you monitor your progress concerning other gamers. This only applies if you do log in via your social media account.

Aside from this, though, there’s a “score” that increases whenever you combine tiles based on the value of new tile created. It records total aggregates – someone who manages to get 512 or 1024 after a few moves have a lower score, unlike someone who scours through each tile, sweats and finally cracks this game’s magical number.

Who Needs to Play 2048?

2048 is a game of wit and strategy, though it encourages math skills. For younger players, it helps in the decision-making and judiciousness as it promotes strategic planning. It is far much better for your 5-to-11-year-old kid to play than the other games since it is easy to learn, tough to master and incredibly addictive (in a good way).

For adults struggling with boredom, stress or depression, 2048 is ideal for them too. It is light and won’t hamper the performance of your smartphone.

What to Beware Of With 2048 Game

Following the success of the first version in both iOS and Android stores, several clone versions have literally taken over the stores. They are a bit different from the original one with others lacking that “friendliness.” You have to be careful of the type you are downloading, therefore.

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