21 million children of satoshi

Cryptocurrencies are the talk of today. Satoshi, the person behind the creation of Bitcoin, who has yet to make a public appearance, is an important figure to investors and traders. Many consumers were astonished by the heights Bitcoin had reached, as the coin started with a set price of $13 and sits at a current price of $10K within a couple of years of existence. This encouraged many to create alternative coins with specific intentions. With all the attention given to cryptocurrencies, a TV series based on them was bound to happen and this is where the “Children of Satoshi” comes into play.

LiveTree Adept And 21 Million Children Of Satoshi Partnership

UK-based platform, that goes by the name, LiveTree Adept has partnered up with the production company, The 21 Million Project to launch a six-part drama series called the “Children of Satoshi”. The story is, in many ways,  based off of true and current events, where it solely deals with the sudden rise of cryptocurrencies and how governments are taking the stage against them.

The CEO and Executive Producer & Creative Director are Nick Ayton and David Lofts respectively. Ayton has earned the title of a specialist for his accomplishments as a writer, speaker and Blockchain analyst. He has contributed towards Blockchain Technology by providing his perspectives on potential strategies, solutions and advising of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). His role in the TV series, “Children of Satoshi” is crucial as the sharing of his knowledge will enlighten many others following the markets.

Lofts, like Ayton has a shared passion for Blockchain and its goal of decentralizing several facets that are controlled today. His experiences involve entrepreneurship and establishing solid relationships between consumers and providers. He is the man who wrote the novel, “Children of Satoshi”, which is believed to be released at the same time as the first episode. Other production members include West, Nassar, Glover, Lenski, Stahl and Savanah, who are all responsible for the music, visuals, and dialogues of the show.

Tv Content Show Details

From what has been shared, the story focuses on a CIA Cypto Analyst, Benjamin Neavis, who is on the run because of the several official figures’ who are yearning to get hold of him. In the show, he plays a significant role, as he makes it his goal to create an unstoppable algorithm that puts an end to centralized systems. His attempts are said to allow consumers to regain control of what they are entitled to.

Along the way, Neavis is believed to have been framed for several crimes he did not commit to prevent his goals from reaching to the consumers. Will he be caught or will he shed light on the positive aspects of cryptocurrencies worldwide? Unfortunately, the wait will have to continue until the pilot is officially released!

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