21 Million

The cryptocurrency revolution has brought us many things. Some good, some bad, but mostly it gave us freedom. This freedom offers independence in a world where every government sets rules and regulations on their fiat currencies that we have to live by.

Bitcoins brought us what all governments fear, anonymity. And to no surprise, the Bitcoin market exploded with a record breaking exchange rate of 1 BTC to 2650.64 USD on May 25, 2017.

We have seen Bitcoins be used for numerous anonymous purchases free of regulations. Some were bound to the not so pleasant side of humanity and resulted in being heavily used for drugs and other illegal products. But mostly Bitcoins became the currency for those of us who spend more time online than in the real world.

Suddenly, forum banners, icons, and other artistic creations could be bought with Bitcoins. People could be hired to do work for your website or code could be meticulously crafted for your revolutionary software with Bitcoins as the form of payment. Articles can be written and poems can be created all for Bitcoins.

Online retailers realized that Bitcoin is the currency of the internet and started accepting them as payment. Computer parts, car parts, and household items, slowly and steadily became available for purchase with Bitcoins. And now you can even register for debit-like Visa cards using Bitcoins as a funding source for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

Bitcoins are changing the world.

What Is 21 Million?

So what is next? We present to you The 21 Million Project, the world’s first Indy TV series funded completely by cryptocurrencies! Unlike most Hollywood blockbusters and/or TV series, the 21 Million Project will focus entirely on transparency.

The use of cryptocurrencies as the source of funding offers complete open-source-like clarity which can be easily observed as the project is being built. No hidden bribes or shady deals, everything is out on the table and easily reviewable by anyone.

The best part about investing into this project is that each person who contributes to 21Million will become part of a “Smart Contract,” pieces of code which are programmed to ensure that each person gets the royalties they are entitled to without the ability for anyone to change the contract or temper with it.

In short, this means that no matter who you are, as a contributor you will always get your share of profits at the same rate and at the same time as everyone else.

The story will be led by a proven team of creative and production experts who will ensure that the outcome is different from the ground up.

It will be a Bitcoin action thriller based on a global manhunt type scenario which will be released on multiple platforms and live organically among the users. Each platform will give an opportunity to generate revenues and diversify the Bitcoin story.

The 21 Million Project is something that is definitely unique. We have seen many films and series succeed and fail throughout the recent years. But one thing we know for sure, unique stories have a much greater chance at success and we think this series will be as unique as they get!

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