What Is 2100news?

The company is said to be the voice of a new economy. And it has an ICO that will start in just over five days at the time of this writing. There is also a whitepaper you can read on the company website. And this is also the first cryptocurrency token platform of its king apparently.

How 2100news Decentralized Blockchain News Network Works

The platform is a news system that is designed around the new economy developing around the world because of the different cryptocurrencies being unveiled. They will give insights and information on business, markets, data, analytics and radio podcasts as well as videos to the entire globe. The platform is designed to cover cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, ICOs, financial markets and IoT as well as the entire decentralized economy over all.

The services will run on nearly all devices. It is already setup for mobile devices, tablets, desktop computers, internet TV, radio and the squawk box, as well as podcasts and newsletters. They are also in the top three of ICOs listed and are projected to hit more than forty million monthly page views with a community of more than five hundred thousand people by the end of 2018.

They are a decentralized multimedia economic news platform essentially that uses DApp software, TVs and Websites to deliver information. They also have radio and newsletters as states before with the following innovations that are key to the platform:

They will work together with other main information sources to get the most accurate data on the new economy. There will be news on finances and each of their different mediums for delivery is supported by their own brand-new technologies: CEDGAR and IRIS.

CryptoEdgar is also developed to support ICOs and give a safe place for them to file reports, press releases and other forms of information. The space is also said to help make comparison and investment decisions easier for traders because of the information they will deliver on the platform.

IRIS is a peer to peer application protocol that is going to be used for giving reports on news going on in the market. And any piece of news that comes from it will be filtered through a media hub to verify it.

CEDGAR is a real-time token issuer and will be a place for holding different pieces of important, sensitive, financial information.

The ICOs will benefit from the platform as it will be one of the most efficient ways to deliver information to the world with the platform. Supporters of the industry will be able to clarity and accountability from the enterprises. It’s an entirely new way for a real-time platform that can be used to gather any relevant data from startup ICOs and to get history on their financial freedom.

2100news NWS Token ICO Details

2100news has a utility token named NWS. The NWS token is ERC-20 compatible and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can purchase NWS tokens with Ethereum during the companies ICO set to start on March 14th.

2100news Conclusion

If you’re looking for a brand-new news platform to help you stay up to date with all the important news happening in the cryptocurrency world, then 2100News is ideal for you. It’s one of the first platforms of it’s kind and promises to change the industry and how people receive information on it.

They will enable people to have a safe, secure place where they can collect news on the newest ICOs and crypto happenings. There is also a major team behind the platform that has a ridiculous amount of collective experience in various fields.

2100News will likely be one of the biggest ICOs in the industry and stick around as long as there is news to report on cryptocurrency. It’s a definite company to pay attention to for anyone operating in the space.

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