Investing in a startup is always a risky bet and a time taking process. Investors have to spend time for research on each and every startup they are interested in and is extremely difficult to invest in more than one startup. Startups also face similar problems. 22x Fund is here to solve these problems.

What Is 22xFund Venture Capital & Angel Investors Coin?

22xFund is the first tokenized opportunity to invest in early-stage startups. They are an ICO (initial coin offering) that assists smaller companies interested in being regulated but either cannot afford to or are unsure of how to go about the process. 22X Fund allows individuals and companies to invest in startups, and investors make money with the startups as they grow.

There are currently 30 companies in the 22X Fund across various spaces such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, transportation, health, big data, and fintech. The fund is extremely sought after, with an acceptance rate of about 2 percent. These startups are chasing a means of regulation, clear evidence that there is demand for the industry to be regulated.

In their attempt to innovate, the group came up with the idea to issue a tokenized security asset that would give investors equity in all the companies in the portfolio at one. This was the first time a company was attempting such a project, to get stakes in all 30 companies at once.

The allure of 22xFund is that ICOs enable a more democratic fundraising process. Traditional VC is a very elite investing game. For investors, the liquidity is the main attraction. In a VC fund, money is frozen for 10-15 years.

22xFund 22x Token ICO Details

Investors receive tokens in 22X which will own between 2.5% to 10% of the equity in each 22X portfolio company. The final amount of equity owned by 22X will be determined by the amount raised by 22X.The target fundraising amount is $35 million USD.

US token holders will have a lock-up period of 12 months, after which the token can be traded subject to certain registration and AML/ KYC requirements. Minimum investment in the United States is $100k in the pre-sale and $50K minimum investment in the main sale. Minimum investment for investors outside of the United States is $10K in the pre-sale and $5K in the main sale.

22xFund Conclusion

22xFund is trying to target people not just in Silicon Valley but all over the world. They have multi-lingual support and a team dedicated to researching and analyzing startups from all over the globe. Visit for more details.

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