24Bit Deposit is a company which specialises in mining, economics and finance and tries to maximise the earnings that it can give back to its clients. It has good technical support and customer support as well and believes that money should not be idle and should be used to generate more money. The company has 4 types of plans which will help the members of the company to start making money right from the time that they deposit funds.

24Bit Deposit's Investment Plans

  • The 1st investment Plan pays 0.81% to 0.95% hourly for 130 hours: Minimum Deposit: $25 and Maximum Deposit: $18000
  • The 2nd investment Plan pays 1.55% to 2.75% hourly for 70 hours: Minimum Deposit: $300 and Maximum Deposit: $30000
  • The 3rd investment Plan pays 8% to 12% hourly for 30 hours: Minimum Deposit: $5000 and Maximum Deposit: $500000
  • The 4th investment Plan pays 180% to 390% after 10 hours: Minimum Deposit: $20000 and Maximum Deposit: $5000000

Features Of 24Bit Deposit

Can Investors Trust 24Bit Deposit?

24Bit Deposit is High Yield Investment Programme or HYIP which promises very high and quick returns to its customers. But as with any program that offers high returns, it is quite possible that these high returns come along with high risks as well and that is why it is important for the customers to treat such schemes with care.

The investors can allocate a small part of their portfolio to such schemes and observe their performance before building their funds to higher levels. These are unregulated schemes run by companies which exist only on the internet and hence these schemes and companies have to be viewed with scepticism.

BIT Distribution LP Conclusion

There are not too much details about the company on their website. But they do have a professional website which answers many of the questions that users might have. This scheme has been running for the past 13 days which means that the company and the scheme is pretty new and hence treated with care.

On the other hand, such companies and schemes tend to give out returns during the first stage of their growth to gain more investors and hence it could be a right time to invest small funds and try out their schemes now.

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