2Key Network is a new start-up company that has the mission to “reinvent the link” and it intends to do it by using multi-step tracking technology and the blockchain. This product is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and built in a decentralized way.

What Is 2Key?

This company is trying to create the most powerful information processing system in the world by building complex and efficient human network that process the information and then is able to get results that it would simply not get otherwise.

2Key Network was started with the belief that word-of-mouth and referrals are the easiest types of getting information about different products and services, so they are really very reliable means of information.

Today, centralized online platform has basically hijacked this function and the human referral network has been driven aside. The main goal of 2Key Network is to use innovation to break referrals free once and for all.

How Will 2Key Global Blockchain Referral Tracking Network Work?

Basically, this company has created its own way to track and reward people along link-sharing chains. Smart contract technology will be able to pay for referrals without centralization of any issue of complication by using this system. The system runs on a dapp created on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

The company fuses game theory with artificial intelligence in an effort to create an algorithmic layer that will be used on the creation of an incentive model based on parameters that will be reputation-based.

Some of the goals of this technology is to be able to map the information that is being passed by the human network of referrals, understand how the digital virality spreads and what makes it possible and chart graphics that will track and record valuable insights about the patterns of information that can be found online in this network.

This way, a platform, the Global Referral Network, can be constructed as the first P2P platform that will enable any person on the web to produce results. Anyone will be able to create their own smart contracts to reward other people. You will be able to set your own price per referrals and pay for the results and use this network as a way to truly decentralize your network.

You can use the 2Key Network to get more content views, to promote leads, tickets, programs, subscriptions, offline acquisitions and many other stuff.

Who Is Behind 2Key?

The team of 2Key Network is formed Erez Ben-Kiki (Founder and CEO), Eitan LaVi (Founder and CTO), Udi Ben-Reuven (Chief Scientist), Dr. Yoram Kornatzky (Senior Algorithms & Blockchain Developer), Shlomi Tzfira (Senior Full Stacker), Andrii Pindiura (Senior Front End Developer), Ivan Kostuchenko (Backend & Blockchain Developer) and Roman Shevchenko (Front End Developer).

Other important people are Lior Ben-Kiki (QA Automation Consultant), Amit Kashtan (Marketing Director), Hadas Miron (Graphic Designer), Netta Richter (Director of Content), Shai Mohaban (Token Sale Strategist), Nadav Mizrahi (Graphic Designer), Priel Hackim (Art Director), Noam Sharir Rotholz (Community & Operations Director).

The main advisors of the company are Reshef Meir, Yuval Emek, Roey Tzezana, Stas Oskin and Sebastian Stupurac. The main partners are Uport, Wings, Hilltop, Bancor, Algoz, Inbound Junction, Fingenom, Market Across and BrainerZ.

2Key Token ICO Details

The platform will be powered by the 2Key token, which is going to be sold in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The 2KEY tokens will cost 0.095 USD each and will have a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The hard cap of the sale will be 30 million USD.

While a total of half the tokens will be sold in the upcoming ICO, the company will use 20% as rewards for the community, 11% as reserves (locked for 3 years), 12% in the team and 7% for advisors.

2Key Verdict

This company has a really novel idea that has plenty of potential to make very interesting things. You should absolutely not ignore 2Key Network, as this company might just be a nice investment for you and even a tool that you might want to be a part of in the near future.

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