2Speedy Matrix

2Speedy Matrix describes itself as “a top of the line internet advertising” opportunity. Find out how the scheme works today in our review.

What Is 2Speedy Matrix?

2Speedy Matrix, found online at 2SpeedyMatrix.com, is a pyramid scheme that claims to make you rich in exchange for a small initial investment. There are no products or services being sold here. To help you promote the pyramid scheme across the internet, 2Speedy Matrix offers banner ads, text ads, login ads, and other emblems you can spam across the internet.

The website was only registered on July 12, 2017. One leading marketing industry website called the platform a “two-tier bitcoin Ponzi cycler”.

Part of the problem with 2Speedy Matrix is that it appears to function like plenty of other bitcoin scams we’ve seen across the internet: instead of selling products or services, 2Speedy Matrix just sells memberships. You pay to join the company, and then your money is funneled up the pyramid to the people at the top. Those people get rich, while everyone on the bottom layers of the pyramid loses their money.

Let’s take a closer look at how 2Speedy Matrix claims to work, and whether or not it’s a scam.

How Does 2Speedy Matrix Work?

2Speedy Matrix has no products or services. The only reason for the company’s existence is to sell affiliate memberships.

As a 2Speedy Matrix affiliate, you purchase 0.005 BTC positions in a two tier, 2×3 matrix cycler. You sit at the top of the matrix and have two positions underneath you. Each of those two positions has two more positions, and so on. It forms a literal pyramid.

The more tiers of the pyramid you fill, the more money you can make.

Joining 2Speedy Matrix is technically free. However, if you want to actually participate in the pyramid scheme, then you’re going to need to buy at least one 0.005 BTC position. If you do that, then you can start making money through the platform – at least, according to the creators of the scheme.

Ultimately, as mentioned above, this is a two-tier cycler Ponzi scheme. Affiliates invest 0.005 BTC ($14 USD) in exchange for the opportunity to earn 1.766 BTC, which is the advertised ROI on your initial membership fee. If 2Speedy Matrix was a real business opportunity, then that would mean you can make about $5,000 USD in profit from 2Speedy Matrix.

In reality, however, there’s no evidence of anybody successfully making money from 2Speedy Matrix – and the only people who do claim to have made money from the platform are likely trying to sell you an affiliate spot in their matrix.

Note: the joining fee varies based on reports. Some sites claim that the joining fee is just 0.005 BTC ($14 USD) while others claim it’s as high as 0.05 BTC ($140). Either way, you’re unlikely to ever see your money again after sending it to the company.

Who Created 2Speedy Matrix?

Like most pyramid schemes, 2Speedy Matrix refuses to disclose much information about its creators, its management team, or the people responsible for creating the program. The website is filled with broken links, vague wording, and an overall lack of information about what’s being sold here.

We don’t even have a single email or contact number for the 2Speedy Matrix support team. It’s all a complete mystery.

The only thing we know about the people behind 2Speedy Matrix is that they registered the website on July 12, 2017.

When someone is asking you to send them money on the internet, but they refuse to disclose any information about themselves, you can be sure you’re dealing with a scam.

2Speedy Matrix Pricing

2Speedy Matrix, like most pyramid schemes, charges you a fee to join. You can sign up for the website for free, but to actually participate in the scam, you’ll need to give the company 0.005 BTC.

2Speedy Matrix Conclusion

Based on all of the information we can find online, 2Speedy Matrix is a blatant pyramid scheme. The company refuses to disclose any information about itself, and the website doesn’t even bother pretending to sell any products or services. Memberships are the only product being sold.

You sign up for 0.005 BTC, and the company claims you can earn about 2 BTC by filling up your matrix. In reality, just like any multilevel marketing/pyramid scheme, the vast majority of people will lose their initial investment, and then the company will likely shut down.

Unless 2Speedy Matrix suddenly reveals more information about itself online, it seems very obvious that this entire thing is a pyramid scheme.

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