The Three Best AI Assistants In The Market Today

The cryptocurrency market has been improving and evolving ever since it was first created. It has been adopting new technologies and turning into something different. A good example is the artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which has been widely used on the market.

Design to learn from user behavior, the AI advancements benefits not just the traders, but the whole ecosystem at the same time with their technology because they can be a powerful tool for when you need to assess risk and user behavior.

You can, for instance, use them to analyze the market beyond the emotions out the human control like the famous FOMO (fear of missing out), panic and greed. Based in inputs and experience, AI systems can understand the market without these emotions and take them into account to trade in the system.

Are AI Assistants Useful?

While there AI tradersare plenty of junk or scammy AI traders in the market, some of them can actually be very useful for traders. These trading solutions are constantly being improved and, while not perfect, you can customize them to serve your needs, as they provide useful information.

Be very aware that the software will not do everything for you. It is a tool and you need the knowledge to use it. Because of this, if you do not know the cryptocurrency market very well, you should read our blog instead and try to learn more before you actually use these programs.

Your expertise will help you when you know that the machine is telling you to make a bad call. In some cases, following your gut is, after all, a good instinct.

There is no perfect AI trader, but we have selected three of the best for our readers. All these platforms have plenty to offer and can be very good for you.

Katana By ING

Created by a Dutch multinational financial institution called ING, this AI bond-trading tool makes your transactions cheaper and faster. The main function of this software is to provide you with future prices and the most important information on the latest pricing trends.

At the moment, the company is working to make Katana more accurate, but it may save you a lot of time because it reads the history of the market so you don’t have to delve too deeply on it.


AiX was created to terminate the inter-dealer brokerage structure and to offer a trader-to-trader interaction that will save you time and money. By using it, you will connect directly with other traders and get insights and more control over your choices. The product is not yet ready and it will be fully launched in November 2018. It currently looks like a great choice.

CYBO By Naga Trader

The CYBO platform was created by Naga Trader to fully replace emotional trading with technology. It has risk management and diversification strategies and it tries to reduce your errors all the time. CYBO is quite popular in the market today, especially for its risk prediction software.

The device is easy to set up: you just answer seven simple questions about your trading preferences and the assistant will start to trade automatically and will learn from your favorite markets and trading habits.

We believe that CYBO is possibly the best option that you can make right now, but remember that you always to take into account your needs whenever you decide to trade and know exactly what you want.

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