3 Tools To Track Your Cryptocurrency Trades & Investments

3 Tools To Track Your Crypto Trades & Investments

Understanding the world of cryptocurrency can be an overwhelming task, especially with the huge number of new currencies emerging every day. When you do decide to invest in a cryptocurrency your wallet may be hosted in an entirely different place than some of your other crypto wallets, leading to various investments scattered across the internet. To effectively check your entire portfolio, you would need to go to each of these places individually before tallying up your totals in a custom-made spreadsheet.

Fortunately, more tools are coming online that can help you compile your crypto data in one spot. Some tools can help you understand how your cryptocurrency portfolio is doing at the click of a button, showcasing clear graphics inside extremely responsive apps or websites. Here are three of the top tools available for maintaining and checking all or most of your current cryptocurrency portfolio.

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most well-established forces in cryptocurrency, acting as a wallet service and a trading platform. With a beautifully crafted website that allows you to see prices of certain currencies at the hour, day, week, month, and all-time levels, you'll be able to understand the fluctuations of those with ease. Its app offers similar functionalities, showing you a multitude of graphs and data that will help inform your cryptocurrency decisions. The Coinbase website and app allow you to understand your current portfolio of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin at a single glance. When a currency becomes well-established, it may also be added to Coinbase. Using this platform has the added bonus of low fees and fairly fast transactions if you do decide to make a purchase, as the main use for Coinbase is its trading platform.

  1. Delta

Marketed as the ultimate portfolio tracker tool, Delta offers unprecedented support for almost every coin on the market. As well as the standard Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin support, Delta has real-time information on over 2000 other alternative coins that you may invest in or have already invested in. Furthermore, the app recently added support for ICO investments (Initial Coin Offering) and a function to calculate the correct amount to add or subtract from current holdings when making a new crypto purchase. Delta is available with the same interface and functions on iOS and Android. Functions such as API integration and a watch/wishlist are coming soon, according to the app's team leaders. Unlike Coinbase, Delta can be used completely independently of your actual crypto holdings – simply input your current holdings as values and the app will remember them without holding any private data.

  1. CoinWatch

CoinWatch is one of the clearest apps to keep track of a well-diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. Although it's only available on Macs, the menu bar app sits comfortably at the top of your screen and updates prices at your preferred speed. More than 1,000 coins are supported, with planned integration and support for other coins. CoinWatch also has the ability to send push notifications when coins hit a certain price, allowing you to read the market almost instantly. Just like Delta, this app does not require the connection of wallets and can be used entirely independently of your actual crypto holdings.

3 Tools To Track Your Crypto Trades & Investments Conclusion

These three apps and websites have the capacity and connectivity to perform nearly any cryptocurrency task you can imagine. If you need constant updates on nearly every alt-coin in a place that is easily accessible, CoinWatch should be your go-to. Likewise, Coinbase can serve as a secure wallet and as a place to watch the most popular currencies. Once you evaluate exactly what information you're looking for, these three services should be the first you head to.


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