300 Token Sparta ICO

SO you have heard about 300 Token Sparta already or perhaps considered trying it out. Well, it is normal for virtually everyone to do a bit of footwork to confirm whether any site they are stepping into is reliable, or it’s just another ploy by smart people out there to take advantage of your involvement.

We understand that this one is no exception, and we are here to try and put everything clear for you as we can so you make an informed decision. So keep reading as we take you step by step into the realm of 300TokeSparta and see its insides and outside as well.

What is 300 Token Sparta?

300 Token is among the first tokens to be created by Minereum Token Services. This particular crypto-tokens was created in remembrance of the three hundred Spartan soldiers in the Battle of Thermopylae, hence its name.   Its type is Ethereum Token, which means it is fully ERC20 compatible and comes with a supply of 300 tokens. The universal symbol is 300, with the decimals being 18. Right from the beginning, the cryptocurrency was planned to be produced in a limited number.

How to Use the 300 Token

Since 300 Token is fully ERC20 compatible, you can always use an Ethereum wallet to load as well as carry out transfers for your tokens. To get the job done on checking your balance or transferring your tokens, go to your ether wallet, then select send Ether and Tokens, and open your wallet.

Now, click on the Add Custom Token option, add the information to your address as well as the token symbol- 300, then the decimals- 18, and save.  If you want to transfer your 300, all you need to do is select 300 in your amount and send it to Dropdown, and you are through.

The 300 Token Sparta Community

Just like any other cryptocurrency out there, 300 have its community too. This includes Twitter, bitcointalk, and exchanges as EtherDelta and Cryptopia.co.nz. Others include Blockexplorer, with Etherscan, and News, which has NEWSBTC as well as Coin News Asia.

So What is it About the Soldiers and 300 Token?

First, 300 Token comes with some laws, and here are some of the most crucial ones.

The first one is that it is always HODL, the second states that dumping is outright forbidden, and the last one states, there is n mercy to fud (the enemy).

The game in 300 Token involves three main stages; with the first being attack of Fud from the front, the second stage 300 HODL as Fud attacks, and the third is fighting back and overpowering Fud units. Soldiers are to adhere to particular conduct too. One of the things to do is spread 300 tokens in Social Media. Contact exchanges will also go a long way, but better off with the help of the soldiers.

Is 300 Token Sparta For Real?

Well, this cryptocurrency, although produced in limited number is meant to be in the hands of the users. And when you factor in the community on which it is based, then you can be sure it is the real deal. You can step up to the challenge and be among the soldiers in the frontline without the fear of ending up in loses.

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