Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology keep expanding around the world, something that can be reflected in the growth that Ethereum (ETH) had. We are not talking about Ether’s price, but instead, about the number of Ethereum addresses registered on the blockchain.

This is a very important milestone for Ethereum and the whole cryptocurrency community. Virtual currencies have been making important developments, but it is still a niche market. But in the last months, 35 million unique Ethereum addresses have been created, meaning that the second most important blockchain network around the world has a very active developer community.

At the beginning of the year, that number was 31 million, and now it was able to surpass the number of addresses in the Bitcoin’s network. Additionally, until now, the trend does not seem to be changing for the most important virtual currency in the market.

Even when there are 35 million unique Ethereum addresses, that does not mean that there are 35 million users. It just shows that there is a growing interest for the network. Some of these addresses are linked to smart contracts and other projects. There could be between 4 and 5 active addresses per person. But the real number of users is not possible to determine.

An interesting fact is that Bitcoin and Ethereum are ‘fighting’ to see which network has more active addresses than the other. One thing is clear, Ethereum has different uses than Bitcoin which may result in a increased number of addresses than in the Bitcoin’s network.

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