3D Token 3DT

The 3D Token 3DT project is based on an existing business that has been up and running for years. The project is based on Politronica Srl, which is a spinoff company of Politecnico di Torino, a university in Italy.

Etroninvest Limited, based in London, acquired the project in 2017. The acquisition will enable to continue its activities in 3D digital just in time manufacture. The aim is to create a blockchain that will be managed by thousands of 3D printers. This will enable the creation of medium and small-scale 3D just in time printing.

After a successful test with 100 3D printers, the team felt ready to scale the network and incorporate blockchain technology into it. The aim is to grow it to 3000 3D printers with 1000 members in the network. Besides that, they want to be able to achieve 22 million hours of Network Robots’ Workforce annually.

With the network robots’ workforce, they will be able to create an innovative manufacturing project for B2C, B2B, and C2C. This will bring about disruption in the product costs and time to market standards.

Besides that, they intend to create an online platform where holders of the 3D Token will be able to exchange theme peer to peer. They will also be able to use it for the purchase of Network Workforce if they want to make their projects a reality. If they wish, they will also be able to resell the 3DT to the network.

This price will be at a price equal to the max reached during the ICO in Ether. Besides that, they will be able to use the 3DT to take part in crowdfunding projects relating to 3D manufacturing.

The 3D Token 3DT ICO Details

There will be 200 million ERC20 tokens issued. These tokens will be denominated as 3DT. 150 million of the tokens will be made available to the purchasers while the rest will be allocated according to a structure agreed upon by the developers.

Out of the 50 million, 4.5 million will go to purchasers based on milestones that the project will have achieved. Of the rest, 0.5 million will be used for the purposes of marketing and the remaining 45 million will be used for the Team. They will remain frozen for two years after the completion of the project. Any tokens that are not sold after the token sale will remain frozen for 5 years.

How the Proceeds of the 3D Token 3DT ICO Sale will be Used

In keeping with the principles of openness, the developers of this project have given a breakdown of how proceeds of the ICO will be utilized.

From the proceeds of the sale:

  • 15% will go towards the implementation of infrastructure and further development of this network.
  • 15% will be used to implement the online platforms
  • 10% will be used for marketing and PR work
  • 18% of proceeds will go towards R&D
  • 20% will go towards covering overhead costs
  • 15% will be allocated to general provisions
  • 4% will be used as ICO development and Forex fees
  • 3% of the proceeds will go towards consultation fees.

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