The 3D-Chain has been considered as the very first global decentralized network that is able to connect various individuals directly, this is designers, manufacturers and the end consumer. The platform has been made for you to find the needed designer easily, then from here, you select the material you would like used in the production, find the appropriate manufacturer who has the required skill set then wait to receive your delivery.

About 3D-Chain Platform

The 3D-Chain platform was primarily designed to drive growth in the manufacturing industry, and it has been able to do so thanks to the easy to use platform. As we have seen either small or large, no one manufacturer has the needed power to ensure they produce the customer needs on time.

But using the decentralized market, this should empower the various customers with distributing their products automatically through the whole network. And from this it will significantly reduce the waiting time; thus the platform makes is much faster to get orders completed.

The platform has been able to remove the middleman, thus making the transactions much cheaper. From this platform you are able to reduce costs of production and also ensure there is direct and even transparent communication between the parties involved. The decline in the global cost to produce a product makes use of technology much more manageable for individuals and companies in the market.

The platform can facilitate the mass customization and is able to open doors to the unlimited possibilities individuals can explore. The platform can also assist the accessibility of different materials plus the different 3D automated and printing fabrication technologies. Therefore, this can provide an excellent opportunity for creating complex products that will have higher quality for the end user.


About 3D-Chain Coin

Token Symbol: 3xD
Token Pre Sale Starts: June 1st 2018
Token Pre Sale Ends: June 21th 2018
Token Price:  1 ETH = 3000 3xD
Total Supply: 100,000,000 3xD
Token Standard: Ethereum

The Blockchain Technology Used In The Supply Chain Manufacturing

The blockchain technology has been able to bring about various advantages to different industries; this is all thanks to the advancements that take place on a daily basis. Some of this advantages that the supply chain manufacturer has been able to enjoy are as follows.

There is a global market that has been made much more accessible and cheaper for individuals to access, this is by using the different fabrication technologies.

It is much easier for distribution; this is because on the 3D-Chain platform you are able to share a printer that will help in generating some revenue during the ideal time of the device.

The technology is also able to facilitate direct communication to take place between the designers, customer and the manufacturers, making delivery much more straightforward and faster.

With the use of blockchain technology on the 3D-Chain, you are able to enjoy personalization of your items, and you are able to easily share them and get credit each time other people use your unique idea.

3D-Chain Platform Conclusion

The 3D-Chain platform has taken the manufacturing and supply chain to a whole new level; this is by making it more streamline and comfortable for the various parties involved to transact. There is ease of communication which makes delivery much faster, and not forgetting the reduced cost implication in each product that is made. If you are in the supply chain management, this is a platform you should consider to take advantage of.

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