3dP Token ICO

What Is Makerslab24 Platform?

Makerslab24.com is a platform that focuses on integrating three-dimensional printing technology to the private life of users and its utilization in various industries by use of blockchain technology.

The platform aims at making the 3D techniques suitable for mass adoption. The platform produces special products by use in the medical section and individual custom models for use by private customers thus making the revolutionary three-dimensional printing technology accessible by everyone in an inexpensive way.

The most important sectors that benefits from the platform include the aviation industry, medicine, building and architecture, automobile industry, jewelry and fashion, environmental protection and everyday items.

How Blockchain 3D Printing Technology Works

Makerslab24.com will build a three dimensional printing farm in Czech Republic due to its advancement in blockchain technology. Business-to-Business customers on the platform can order purpose built items that are 3D printed and special parts that are very hard to find in the normal market.

This ranges from artificial limbs to be used in the medical sector, items that are built purposely for prototypes and special components used in airplanes. By use of third dimension printing, cost of production of these products reduces significantly and at the same time production and scalability increases.

Customers can order for the products in the system in steps that are very easy. A customer selects the ideal printing process on the platform. The file is then designed by the platform according to the specification of the customer. The process of ordering is complete after the customer registers and pays for the product in cryptocurrency. The product ordered is then printed and made ready for shipment to the location of the customer.

3dP Token & ICO Details

The platform's tokens called the 3DP tokens are security tokens in the system. The tokens are classified to be following the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum system. Token holders can use the tokens as investments and are also able to get permanent share in profits in the platform in the form of dividends.

The tokens are the main currency for transactions on the platform in that users pay for products using the tokens that they hold. The tokens can also be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies through the internal exchange of the platform.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: 3DP
  • Token sale date: 07/01/18
  • Accepted payment method: ETH, BTC, LTC, DOGE
  • Total token supply: 300,000,000 3dP
  • ICO hard cap: 240,000,000 3dP

3dP Token ICO Benefits

Cost Reduction

The platform utilizes three-dimensional printing in the provision of services, which leads to high reduction in the cost of production of these products thus making it highly efficient for everyone.

Faster And More Acceptable

Unlike the traditional way of making products which required specialized individuals that were only few, the platform produces products in a faster way through the third dimension technology. The platform is reliable since production is guaranteed at the agreed time. The ordering and shipment of items is digitalized thus products are acquired in a fast and easy way.


The platform gives everyone an opportunity to access the use of three-dimensional technology by producing products to be used in a variety of sectors and also individually. Everyone can benefit from this technology.

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