The advent of the blockchain from a niche product to a tour de force with the potential to change lives has been widely recognized. While Bitcoin has been a clear leader for a while now, many are now intrigued by what is being offered. This intrigue gets fanned as the latest developments and plans are discussed at conferences and meets. This gives an opportunity to entrepreneurs, institutions, and enthusiasts to interact. Year after year this is gathering more traction and following. Here is a look at some of the biggest and most promising gatherings that are slated for the next couple of months.

1. Hong Kong:

Next week on the 13th and 14th of March is Token 2049. The conference is set to focus on the ever-evolving token economy, its current impact, and projected future. Expected attendees list includes the likes of Charlie Lee, Litecoin creator, Justin Sun, TRON founder and CEO and Charles Hoskinson Cardano CEO. Also present, apart from the 2000 strong community, is a large section of media looking to cover a crypto event in China. This is to be expected as the event is hosted during Hong Kong’week long, Asia Crypto Week.

2. Seoul:

On April 4th and 5th will be Deconomy [Distributed Economy]. The event was a massive success last year and this year it looks to build on that goodwill. With a line up of speakers that has crypto advocates such as Vitalik Buterin and Changpeng Zhao, the event has been creating quite a buzz. What has drawn the attention of the community is the inclusion of arguably the most vocal anti-crypto advocate, Nouriel Roubini. The main focus of the event is a discussion about the challenges of bringing about a truly distributed economy and how cryptos can best fit into such a future.

3. Paris:

In the middle of April, from the 13th to the 19th is the Paris Blockchain Week. This premier European affair is a collection of events that focus on getting blockchain companies and leading industry thinkers in one place. With 100 speakers expected to talk about the viability of blockchain and discuss current topics like regulations, decentralized, exchanges and scalability, there is plenty to look forward to. Along with discussing ideas, there are educational seminars and a hackathon. A unique aspect of this week will be its blockchain-centric job fair, where companies will be pitching their ideas to both prospective backers and developers.

4. Miami:

To be held on April 17th and 18th the IOHK Summit is by far the smallest gathering on this list. Yet IOHK, a Hong Kong-based blockchain firm that supplies peer-to-peer financial solutions for unbanked populations, is well known for its focused and vibrant community. Their event is no different, full of interesting concepts and discussions about blockchain and the future, along with a host of workshops and practical talks. Along with that an opportunity to hear the ever interesting CEO Charles Hoskinson is a big draw. The event will also feature updates and a roadmap for Cardano.

5. New York City:

On the 13th to 15th of May will be Consensus 2019. Perhaps a showpiece event in its own right, Consensus has been one of the longest-running blockchain conferences and is a must for serious crypto enthusiasts. There is a regular attendance of industry titans and respected minds in the field. This year also features a list of diverse speakers from economist Henri Arslanian to OKCoin CEO Tim Byun to U.S. congressman Representative Warren Davidson. This sort of eclectic mix allows for an excellent opportunity for networking and learning. The event looks to harbor some sort of consensus about crypto and how best to introduce it into the mainstream.

The importance of such conferences and summits cannot be understated, especially considering that blockchain is fast becoming more than a fringe technology. To enable innovation, interaction and exchange of ideas are imperative. One can only hope such events are just the beginning and with continuous events hosted the world over, more education will benefit all.

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