50 Cent Freedom

50 Cent Freedom is a bitcoin-based MLM scheme that promises to turn your 50 cent investment into a passive income of $8,153 per month. Is it a scam or legitimate investment? Find out today in our review.

What Is 50 Cent Freedom?

50 Cent Freedom, found online at 50CentFreedom.us, is a multilevel marketing scheme that involves recruiting people into your matrix in order to earn a monthly income.

The name of the company comes from the fact that your membership costs 50 cents per month. You continue paying that fee, and convince other people to pay that fee. Fees get funneled up the pyramid – so you get a portion of the fees in the matrix beneath you, while other fees get passed to the top of the pyramid.

The company is launching in August 2017. Today, anyone can join the pre-launch phase of the company for free to start earning on day one.

50 Cent Freedom promises to turn your 50 cent investment into a recurring passive income of $8153 per month. Best of all, you don’t need any skills, experience, or connections to make that income. In fact, the company that setup the scheme claims that it’s so easy “a child can do it.” The company claims that the offer “sells itself”.

How Does 50 Cent Freedom Work?

50 Cent Freedom is a multilevel marketing company that appears to function more like a pyramid scheme than a legitimate MLM. That’s because 50 Cent Freedom doesn’t advertise any product or service. Instead, the only thing being sold here is a membership. Your only role, after buying into 50 Cent Freedom, is to recruit new people underneath you. The company exists until the bottom level collapses, at which point the people at the highest level gain all the money, while people on the lower levels lose their investment.

Here’s how 50 Cent Freedom claims to work:

  • You pay 50 cents to join the company, then continue to pay 50 cents every month
  • After paying 50 cents, you’re placed in a 3 x 4 step matrix; the matrix is a forced matrix, which means you will get overspill from both your upline and downline as well as your own direct referrals
  • Your goal is to get your friends and family to join, pay a 50 cent fee per month, and then continue doing this until you earn over $8,000 per month

Once again, there’s no product or service here. You’re just selling a 50 cent membership into the program. The company claims you don’t need any sales skills to sign up. However, you will absolutely need sales skills to start recruiting people to join your pyramid scheme. It’s not quite so easy that “a child can do it.”

So how do you earn $8,000+ per month with 50 Cent Freedom? You can only earn that type of money if you fill up your entire 3 x 4 step matrix (81 members across 4 levels). You also need to pay upgrade costs. You’ll pay an upgrade fee of $5.40 to upgrade to level 2, for example, and an upgrade fee of $100 to upgrade to level 3.

50 Cent Freedom also has some weird “website rotator” system. After paying your 50 cent joining fee, you’ll get access to a 10 website rotator. You can use that rotator to promote 10 different websites using one URL. Obviously, platforms like this are available for free online, so it’s unclear why you would want to use 50 Cent Freedom’s “website rotator”.

How To Join 50 Cent Freedom

You can join 50 Cent Freedom at 50CentFreedom.us. You’ll need to enter your first name, last name, email address, username, and password. You cannot use a Hotmail email address.

Then, you’ll need to pay your 50 cent joining fee. 50 Cent Freedom only accepts payment through bitcoin, Perfect Money, or Solid Trust Pay.

The company claims to have 6962 members at the time of writing (July 25, 2017).

Once you’ve earned more than $5, you can request a withdrawal. The company does not offer any type of refund.

Who’s Behind 50 Cent Freedom?

50 Cent Freedom provides no information about its management team, creators, developers, or location. There’s no information to suggest that 50 Cent Freedom is a real company, or any information explaining where your payment is going.

Fortunately, WHOIS data tells us more information about 50 Cent Freedom and its creators. The domain 50CentFreedom.us was registered by Sheri Vine on July 10, 2017. Sheri listed an address in Songkhla, Thailand during registration. The contact email was listed as [email protected] Horizon Homestay appears to be an accommodation in Malacca, Malaysia.

Ultimately, there’s no mention of any of this information on the 50CentFreedom.us official website. That’s a big red flag.

Conclusion: Is 50 Cent Freedom a Scam?

50 Cent Freedom promises to give you the opportunity to make $8,000+ per month even if you have no experience, skills, or sales knowledge. The company is operating some type of 4 level MLM structure / pyramid scheme based on bitcoin. You pay 50 cents, then convince other people to join the company and pay a 50 cent fee. You get a portion of their 50 cent joining fee, while the remaining fees get pushed up to the top of the pyramid.

The website doesn’t describe any information about the company or its founding team. however, WHOIS data tells us the website was registered in Thailand by a woman named Sheri Vine. None of this information is disclosed on the official website.

50 Cent Freedom may or may not be a scam. However, based on the information we see online today, it seems very unlikely that you can make any money with 50 Cent Freedom – and you certainly won’t be able to make over $8,000 per month.

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  1. Lol.. The ole classic “bash another company so I can promote my own” trick. Well there is a service being offered, and it’s the website rotator. As you know, many internet marketers are involved in more than one company, and most marketers are on social media platforms which only allows you to promote one link. But by promoting the one link you get from 50 cent freedom, you are able to promote all of your businesses with just one link since social media platforms only allow you to promote one link. Sounds like a pretty useful service to me.

  2. I agree with Rob. There is a service offered. One thing that you need to know is that there is a difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme. We know that a pyramid scheme offers nothing. MLM gives you the opportunity to make money while helping other people do the same. Of course you need people in your downline to make money. That is the beauty of MLM. I for one will ride the wave of 50 cent Freedom until it sinks. $100 a month would be a great add to my pensions. :)


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