60 Minutes Displays The Potential Held By Genetic Genealogy and DNA

60 Minutes has over the years been liable for reporting on stories that have gone on to become very big across the globe. Some of the episodes that have been categorized as the most memorable have touched on endangered animals, interviews with global leaders, as well as profiles featuring famous celebrities.

Apart from this, there has also been the sporadic segment touching on encouraging advances in various fields. Seven days back, the program reported on how authorities had relied on Genetic genealogy to help them solve a cold case pertaining to one of the most notorious killers yet to be arrested.

The report also went on to explain the plans that the authorities had put in place to enable them to continue using this previously unexplored field to continue solving cold cases. The Sacramento authorities released a report on 25th April this year indicating that they had finally managed to unravel the Golden State Killer case.

And all this was because of their use of Genetic genealogy, a new but highly promising field. The technology assisted the police to identify Joseph DeAngelo—a former police officer as the likely killer.

Genetic Genealogy—What Is It?

It features a combination of family genealogy, high-speed computer technology, and high-tech DNA analysis. The end goal of this field is to establish the type and level of genetic relationship that may exist between two people.

The main reason why DNA was used for the Golden State Killer case was because the slayer had during the course of his crime career committed twelve murders, uncounted home burglaries, and more than fifty rape incidents. The killer had become careless and left behind his DNA at one of his many crime scenes.

After enduring many years of encountering dead ends, an investigator dealing with cold cases was able to collect this crucial DNA evidence. It was later submitted to GEDmatch for analysis.

GEDmatch happens to be the largest database for public genealogy across the globe. Once the sample was submitted the authorities were now able to generate various leads, which eventually led them to the home of the former police officer, Joseph DeAngelo.

Apart from helping solve the Golden State Killer cold case, experts have also relied on this technology to help them arrest individuals involved in other cold cases. Although the science behind this technology seems to be astute, there are a few lingering legal questions that still need to be answered.

An Amazing Opportunity For Cryptocurrency Investors

If you have ever wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies but never got an opportunity to invest at the frontier, worry not as you now have an opportunity to do so. Encrypgen (DNA) has in the last few months been making news headlines attributed to the upcoming release of revolutionary technology.

The company released a beta version of its platform in August. The beta platform known as Gene-Chain makes it possible for the public to upload their genetic profiles online. The data can then be purchased by researchers. It plans to release a full version of this platform in the next two weeks.

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