What Is 8333.io?

8333.io is an online platform that provides tooling, applications and services that can be used together with any bip32 compatible Bitcoin wallet. The platform acts as a service layer above the bitcoin network and in doing so offering the users and developers powerful utilities.

Apart from being a bitcoin service provider, 8333 is a non-custodial provider meaning it does not involve generation of private keys, is compatible with testnet as well as functions efficiently with wallets such as Electrum, Trezor, Ledger, Samourai, and many more that are bip32-based.

How 8333.io Bitcoin Service Provider For Tools, Apps & Wallets Works

8333.io has a unique and carefully designed payment widget that provides users with a unique payment URL for every invoice they create on the platform. The widget can be integrated directly into the user’s applications using 8333.io SDKs. The widget allows the end users of the application to scan the QR on the widget to make the payment. It will also display once the payment has be successfully received and confirmed.

The architecture of the 8333 platform is nodeJS based and monitors both mainnet and testnet bitcoin networks for redundancy and reliability through various bitcoin core instances that all run the same versions.

The platform believes in free markets, value creation, and has yet to decide on the right revenue model to utilize. Therefore, the platform seeks to offer its services free until it is able to gather enough feedback from the users on what revenue model to use.

Other services provided by the platform include utxos scanning, which displays the user’s cryptocurrency wallet balance, price utilities, and development of API and SDK's.

8333.io Benefits

Open Source

All the SDKs on 8333.io are open source; therefore, everyone is free to contribute on the platform’s ecosystem. This will result in the creation of a platform that can be used by different types of clients in transparent manner while providing the bitcoin community with frictionless and valuable services.


The platform is non-custodial meaning it is trustless and does not deal with private keys, which allow users to fully control their cryptocurrency funds. This makes it more secure since the user is protected from hacks, or attacks that can result in loss of the user’s cryptocurrency funds.

Multiple Functionalities

8333.io can be used for multiple purposes such as management of invoices, payment of UX directly into the user’s applications or creating any kind of services on top of the platform’s API and SDKs.

Testnet Compatibility

TestNet is different from the bitcoin network and is mainly used by developers to test bitcoin related applications. This will enables users on the 8333.io platform to experiment on applications without having to use actual bitcoins or without the risk of destroying the main bitcoin chain.

Works With Bip32 Wallet

Bip32 wallets enable users to create new cryptocurrency addresses without necessarily backing up the addresses again. The addresses are encrypted; therefore, unauthorized users cannot access the private keys in order to access the funds in the user’s account, which means that the funds will always be secure.

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