What Is 8Coinmarket?

8coinmarket is an online platform that promises to provide traders with endless possibilities through offering crypto brokerage services that supply the clients with the ultimate trading experience with reference to its features, tools, user friendliness, security, and education. The trading platform claims it can be used for both private and institutional investors worldwide.

8Coinmarket claims to collaborate with feeds provider and Reuters in order to provide users with live and accurate data streams. The platform also features terms and conditions that highlight the difference between real time market price, and option prices as well as expiry graphs that ensure there is trader confidence at any given moment.

The trading platform offers users with a wide range of tools and features such as all order types including limit orders, an intuitive and accessible web interface, social trading network, high-speed transaction execution, one click trading, and transparent, real time trading quotations.

How 8Coinmarket Crypto Brokerage Trading Service For Bitcoin Works

There are various accounts types that users can choose from on 8coinmarket, which are customized to suit the needs and capabilities of each user. The more the deposit a user makes, the more features and privileges that the users will have access to. Additionally, the account type that the user selects will also depend on the trading methodology of the user.

Currently, uses are not required to pay any setup fees or extra charges or spreads. Once the user creates an account, they will access market reviews, a personal account manager, 24/7 support and access to a team of expert traders all through a mobile application.

Investor Support?

8coinmarket claims will support investors and their efforts to enhance their trading skills through its education program. The program seeks to improve the investor’s trading results by empowering them to educate themselves on the nature of cryptocurrencies and on how to undertake successful cryptocurrency trades.

The minimum deposits for the account types are not specified and deposits can be made VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Skrill. Deposits and withdrawals do not attract any transaction fees. The website, however, does not specify the how long withdrawal and deposit request take.

8Coinmarket Advantages

Experienced Team

8coinmarket is made up of a team of professionals with years of experience in forex brokerage, derivatives, risk management, and payment processing. This therefore means that the platform has covered every aspect of crypto trading so that users have the best trading experience.

Guaranteed Security Of Funds

The client’s funds are held in segregated account and the funds will only be used for trading options after the clients instruct the website to do so. The deposits and trades are also guaranteed security through the encryption. Similarly, the trading options will then be professionally handled to guarantee users of profits payouts depending on their terms.

User Friendly

8Coinmarket enables users to trade from anywhere through the 8coinmarket website without installing or downloading any trading software.

8Coinmarket Conclusion

Due to the lack of online testimonials about this broker and the fact that the entire website seems suspicious, we cannot verify the authenticity and trustworthiness of 8coinmarket. Therefore, in case you need to trade with them, we advise that you perform a thorough research on them and fully understand their terms and conditions. Furthermore, 8coinmarket is unregulated and you should be careful when dealing with them.

Disclaimer: This website is possibly a scam. We cannot verify the validity of the features herein.

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