The financial world has always existed with some form of currency, and the last decade of cryptocurrency is a testament to the need for consumers to profit in innovative ways. Every industry needs to be motivated by change in order to grow.

Take computing, for example. Each decade brings a new innovation to allow consumers to have any computer skill that they may need, with the latest proof being smartphones. Billions of people around the world possess smartphones, leading to the use of social media apps and other programs.

With this growth, it’s almost natural that blockchain computers were originally proposed by Bitcoin creator Satoshi an entire decade ago within the Bitcoin whitepaper. Since the original thought was put in their heads, developers have taken the idea and ran with it. Blockchain computers are still relatively new, though it allows users to use trust in the network, rather than putting all of their faith in the people running the networks.

Trust is actually a form of software, which is basis of many other components, like digital money. Over the most recent years, it’s been discovered that other components can be made with blocks of trust, like smart contracts and digital property rights.

As technology evolves, new infrastructure and applications are made. Stable-coins, crypto-goods, and other digital modifications are the clearest example of this concept in cryptocurrency. By tokenizing assets that were previously only physical, the innovations to come in the next decade are unimaginable. However, a venture fund called the a16z crypto fund wants to be involved.

A16z crypto offers a fund worth $300 million, which plans to get involved with these new protocols and crypto companies. They have a history of over five years in these types of investments, which they have never sold, and they want to continually invest over time with an “all weather fund” to protect platforms. Furthermore, their fund wants to work alongside entrepreneurs as nothing more than operational support.

The fund plans to maintain their flexibility with financial instruments and the platforms themselves, and they want to look at each case on an individualized basis. Their goal is to be part of ventures that will eventually reach billions of people, and their crypto specialists are around to help that happen.

To learn more about the venture fund and the team, consumers can send an email to [email protected]

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