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Are you planning to move to another city because of a job transfer? Do you have perishable goods that you want delivered to another city fast? If so, then today you are in the right place. A2B Direct is a platform that allows direct interaction between freight forwarders and cargo owners across all stages of cargo delivery.

Since it was launched, the platform has managed to connect thousands of users experiencing overall more convenient and efficient communication and cooperation. To date, over 2000 cargos have been delivered.

It is the perfect platform to use for people who are looking for a genuine carrier to help them transport their valuables. So the big question is, how does this platform function and why should you choose A2B Direct? In this article, we are going to answer these questions to help you know more about this platform.

How Direct Online Cargo Works

To enjoy the services that this platform offers, users are supposed to register, a process that will take less than 3 minutes. Once you have successfully registered, you can begin by searching for point of loading the cargo and where it will be offloaded. Once you have stated when you want the cargo to be picked up and delivered, the next step is for you to look for a freight forwarder that will facilitate the transport.

Many options are available, and it is up to you to select a transport contractor that you think has what it takes to provide the quality services that you are looking for. Once you have made your decision, you need to contact the transport contractor and agree to various terms and conditions. For instance, you need to know how long it will take to transport the cargo, safety measures the transport contractor has put in place, and the price.

The good thing about this platform is that you will be able to deal directly with the carrier as opposed to passing through middlemen. As your cargo is being transported, you will be able to track it and know exactly where it has traveled as well as when to expect it. Once the cargo has been successfully delivered, you will be notified and both you and the carrier will confirm. You will then get the opportunity to rate the carrier’s service based on the quality of service that the carrier has provided.

Services Offered By A2B Direct

  • Bulk Cargo Delivery
  • Guaranteed Truck Load For Carriers
  • Fast Transport Search For Customers
  • Trekker Installation On Trucks

Why Choose A2B Direct

No Middlemen

One thing that gives this platform an upper hand is the fact that it eliminates the use of middlemen who normally charge a fee for their services. This has helped people save their hard earned cash. When you use this platform, you will deal directly with the carrier, meaning that you will get the best deal.

Easy To Use

Direct online logistics has come up with a platform that is very easy to use, as explained above. You don’t have to be trained in order to use this platform. It has amazing user experience and you will quickly grasp everything even when using it for the first time.

Trekker On Truck Single

The trucks are required to install trekker before being registered. This is very important because it enables the cargo owner to monitor the truck and know exactly where their cargo is.

Integrated Database

A2B Direct uses an integrated database that allows user to do everything all under one roof.

24/7 Accessibility

You will not be limited by time. You can log in and look for a transport contractor anytime of the day or night while sitting comfortably on your couch. This platform operates continuously both day and night.

Delivery Quality Control

All carriers that have been licensed to operate under this platform have been vetted and proven to be reliable and efficient. As the cargo owner, you will also get the chance to rate the carrier depending on quality of service that the carrier has rendered to you. Poorly rated carriers are banned.

A2B Direct Final Words

If you are looking for a reliable platform to find carriers to transport your cargo, then A2B Direct is the best platform to visit.

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