For a very long time, the biggest hindrance in the digital marketing platform has been to guarantee the clients and the audience safety and data security while providing quality targeted services.

What Is A4G DSP?

A4G is a long-time player in the performance marketing industry and has built its own demand-side platform (DSP) that focuses on providing quality service on a safe and transparent channel.

As a matter of fact, A4G has been so picky when it comes to transparency that instead of using commercial or public platform, they chose to develop their own DSP from the ground up. This platform is designed and built to grant the user full power and control over their acquisition strategies, traffic, and prices.

A4G DSP Media Buying Marketing Boost For Crowdsales Features

Advanced Targeting And Filtering:

A4G markets its demand-side platform as the most practical tool to use in advanced targeting and filtering. This is because the system is designed to analyze even the smallest details of the data and enable the users to buy highly accurate targeted traffic that meet their needs. The filtering options to filter the data such as by device, device type, country, city, browser, etc makes it easier for marketers and advertisers to view the exact numbers of their target audience in real-time.

Clients can even choose to buy traffic from third-party sites and get the best deals on custom bids. Our unique CTR Booster will help you optimize your campaigns and reach a wider relevant audience than any other tool you have ever used.

Quality Data Sources:

Another wonderful feature of the custom DSP built by A4G is that it uses predictive IP fraud detection tools to ensure that the customer never buys bad traffic by accident. It is not uncommon to fall to fraudulent and bot traffic that actually look real, and in the end incur huge losses. With A4G’sDSP quality meets transparency on the blockchain.

Detailed Reports:

A4G’s DSP has the potential to become a one-stop-shop to buy the best traffic on the internet. No matter what you sell – a real product or an ideology, the DSP can be tweaked to bring you a detailed report of the numbers you will reach. Its intuitive interface and setup process means you will not need technical knowledge of the system to make the most of its tools. Real-time tracking reports, campaign performance reports, and projected numbers, for instance, are completely transparent.

A4G DSP Conclusion

The A4G’s DSP digital marketing platform promises to deliver what you see.

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  1. A Great underrated DSP for all sort of campaigns. Great support with a lot of interesting features. The filter lists by vertical help a lot to drive quality traffic to the campaigns. Such a shame the volume isn’t that big!


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