What Is AB-Chain?

AB-CHAIN is a digital advertising platform powered by blockchain technology. The firm aims at providing transparent and strategic services to companies with cryptocurrency budgets. The project is set to disrupt the $270 billion digital advertising industry. Their crowdfunding sale is scheduled to begin on 19th February 2018.

AB-Chain Digital Advertising Blockchain Network Token Features

Some of the things that stand out about this project include:

Utility tokens –

It enables payments to be made in crypto with the help of an exchange. Users can also pay using fiat currencies; transborder payments for advertising are also possible.

Programmable platform –

Has its publishers ready to upload various advertisements and support the network

Artificial intelligence –

Can automatically target enhancements for each advertising campaign through the use of AI. Doing so eliminates the need for media agencies which brings down advertising costs.

AB-Chain RTB Token Sale

The following are the details of the token sale:

  • Token symbol – RTB
  • Dates – 19th Feb to 31st Mar 2018
  • Token price – 0.35 USD
  • Token supply – 100 million tokens
  • Soft cap – $1.5 million
  • Hard cap – $ 20 million
  • Token distribution -70% during sale
  • Minimum amount – 50 USD
  • Token distribution – 2 weeks after closing crowdfunding

AB-Chain Roadmap

  • Q4 2017 – Launch of the advertising network which allows advertisers to set up their accounts
  • Q1 2018 – RTB token establishment and burning of un-issued tokens
  • Q2 2018 –Setting up of smart contracts that will enhance transactions
  • Q3 2018 – AI development that will provide a neural network to analyze advertising campaigns
  • Q4 2018 – Venture into advertising markets that are paid for using cryptocurrencies
  • 2019 – Expand and bring in traditional advertising firms to adopt the technology

The AB-CHAIN Value Proposal

Various entities in the advertising space will gain from this platform. For example, web publishers who traditionally didn’t accept cryptocurrencies will now have this form of payment. The development of webmaster’s wallet will provide the tools for publishers to take crypto. They can also withdraw fiat money when the need arises.

Advertisers also stand to benefit from this platform. For starters, the network will provide a wide range of advertisers to choose from all of whom have best practices. The advertisers can pay using cryptocurrencies without the need to convert into fiat money. Artificial Intelligence will help give more value to advertisers through conversion data.

A SWOT analysis shows that the project’s strength is its strategic position of tapping into an exploding market with a product that’s almost complete. On the other hand, the project is entering a relatively new market, so most of its drivers are assumptions. There’s a vast opportunity for the platform becoming a significant player in the advertising business.

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