ABC Take Two TV Show Mentions Bitcoin Being Used Via Dark Web to Hire Hitman

The new ABC TV series “Take Two” is about Eddie, a private detective, who agrees to do a favor for a friend and to his dismay ends up with a new partner, Sam.

In episode 5: Death Becomes Him, a character named Todd hires the detectives to find a hitman that is attempting to murder him.

We find out that Todd hired the hitman himself because he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he doesn’t want his family to suffer with him. If he was to commit suicide his family wouldn’t be able to collect the insurance. However, if he was murdered they would be able to collect in full.

Come to find out Todd was misdiagnosed and he is now desperate to call off the hit.

Eddie and Sam are trying to find the assassin but he has disappeared from the dark web where he was hired. This leads the team to try and follow the money trail. To their surprise, Todd reveals he paid using Bitcoin with Zerocoin add-on thereby making it untraceable.

You can see all off this in the first five minutes of the episode here.

Unfortunately, this is really happening in our world today of decentralization. There are websites such as Augur where people are placing real bets and hiring real assassins to kill real people such as Donald Trump, the president of the United States.

Government regulators are trying to figure out a solution to stop this from happening. Stay tuned for more regulation policy and enforcement coming soon.

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