Abeona: Using Blockchain Technology to Make Travel Easier

We love to travel. Today, many platforms facilitate travel. However, there are a number of concerns to address when you are planning your trip to another country or city. If you want to visit another country there is the concern about the local currency of the new country. Additionally, some countries facilities might not accept credit cards despite the fact that you will still be met by unforeseen expenses during your trip.

What Is Abeona?

The Abeona platform hopes to introduce a currency whose value grows with time and one that allows users to afford more purchases and services. You do not need to physically carry this currency or have it on your credit card. You can send and receive the currency in the form of the country’s currency and get bonuses for spending the coin. The currency is referred to as the Abeona Coin and will be used as the settlement unit on the Abeona platform.

Abeona is an integrated travel ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. Under this platform, the functions of a trading platform and a communication service are achieved simultaneously.

Abeona Advantages

Abeona will include a system for booking and buying travel and air tickets. This will lower the cost tourists spend on paying intermediaries to book for tourist passes and air tickets. The decentralized platforms for booking and buying tickets will eliminate the need for intermediaries.

The platform will also enable business owners in the travel industry to get more revenue and will reduce the cost of expenses. The use of a decentralized system will encourage healthy competition in the provision of travel services. The platform will also have a decentralized rating and feedback system that will encourage service providers to offer quality services. The platform users will also have a variety of providers to choose from.

Further, the platform will allow for the creation of a global currency that will be used on the platform, which will be the Abeona coin.

How Abeona ABN Blockchain Travel Platform Coin Works

The Abeona platform will allow users to spend their tokens on the purchase of products and services and will allow others to sell travel related services through the system. Users will also be able to make settlement using the Abeona tokens as a means of payment.

To make full use of the Abeona coins, the platform will provide payment cards to the users of the platform. The payment cards will eliminate the need to visit exchanges to exchange the coins for fiat currency. Thanks to the payment card, the tokens will automatically convert to the currency the user needs to make a purchase or pay for a service.

The use of the card will earn the users bonuses and discounts both on the Abeona platform and with regular purchases. Users can choose to keep the bonuses as investments that will grow in value in future.

Abeona ABN Token ICO Details

  • The Abeona coin (ABN) is an ERC20 token
  • Will be released on the Ethereum platform
  • 2,000,000,000 tokens will be issued
  • The projected token cap during the sale is $60 million
  • Each of the tokens will be sold at $0.1
  • The public sale will take place between the June and September 2018
  • After the token sale, no other tokens will be generated
  • The unsold and unallocated tokens will be burned after the sale.

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