ABLE, the blockchain bank has been developing the world’s fourth industrial revolution. And as far as the revolution has begun, also its sequence with the power of blockchain technology. ABLE is a project, completely mission based that is here to establish a decentralized blockchain style bank and asset manager, that will operate through the use of smart contracts.

The project is the first bank that has been built on a decentralized blockchain bank. They goal is to create a financial platform, one that will rely on cryptocurrency’s ability to operate with borderless transactions, also derived from mutual funds.

How Does Able Work?

ABLE is using cryptocurrency to finance the entire process of banking from the supply side to the demand side. The platform is built on banking, investment, and micropayments. When it comes to banking, it’s focused primarily on Deposits, Lending, and Salary plus your credit score.

ABLE home page

The investment portion of the decentralized bank will have two primary functional methods for investing, one as an ICO Smart Contract, and two, as a Fund Smart Contract. These are currently the major investment opportunities people have when considering cryptocurrency. Last, we come to micropayments, and these include Credit, Debit and Mileage Cards as well as 3rd Party Services.

Together, the three financial terms above make up ABLE. Each account started with the platform will contain these. And the purpose is to give users one online source where they can handle all their banking needs, from financing, to investing to payments.

The ABLE Platform, is now known as the revolutionary global blockchain banking system. During the 1st presale hard cap for the company has been reached. And you can learn more, as well as buy some tokens at the The whitepaper for the company is available at their official website, it contains a detailed schematic of the platform’s technical abilities and ICO.

Along with the whitepaper, you will also have the ability to follow them on Telegram and several other social media accounts. The main social accounts to follow ABLE on are Twitter, Facebook, Talk, YouTube, Medium, LinkedIn, Reddit, BitCoinTalk, and SHARE.

ABLE In Conclusion

The team at ABLE is a massive team composed of more than 30 people. And this doesn’t include the advisors on the company who are helping move the banking platform forward without too many hiccups. The number of regulations and compliance laws a bank must go through to be accepted are unreal.

And although ABLE isn’t a real bank, it’s still a financial platform that will be responsible for keeping their customer’s money safe. The system is still in development but is being built to support all the functions of a bank. You can learn more by heading to

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