AB Mcoin

What Is ABM Coin?

The platform is a newly developed and highly specialized for the opening of the Olympic Games, each with the hope of its own intro into the system of betting on gams or other sports events with new forms of revenue sharing on a decentralized platform using Smart Contracts on Bitcoin’s fame. You can enter your email and name to get ontheir list.

How ABM Coin Olympic Sports Betting Blockchain Token Works

Basically, when you buy tokens, you instantly get them into your wallet. The participation in the ICO ABMcoin gives new investors a way to make a new type of opportunity and become the part of a massive cryptocurrency platform bookmarker system as well as receive 200% revenues each year.

The programs that re developed will be used for the betting systems. They already have programs developed to help introduce the tokens into the betting system and are now being tested. And because of that, there are no competitors which makes the project more valuable.

Another point they make is that they work with full visibility on all operations that are running. The company has implemented in the already existing Bitcoin block. And people can go see it with one simple click of a button.

There are also said to be many advantages to using ABMcoin. For one the payments are always guaranteed because of the smart contracts. And, the transparency of all payments and transactions is always guaranteed. There is a complete lack of time when waiting for more tokens as well. And the receipt for tokens is send immediately after a deposit is made.

There is anonymity and simple registration as well as an infrastructure that is designed to fight against risks associated with tech and equipment failures or interruptions of your internet. And to protect against fraud and embezzlement or access to your funds. The security and privacy are said to be absolute and works on a global scale.

Smart Contracts are used to create a dynamic atmosphere that is being used to develop new forms of technology that can be used to improve investing, transactions and the internet. Now there will also be way to use the system to make online sporting bets, starting with the Olympic Games.

Investments made with the platform are being setup to specifically open the Olympic Games and introduce the possibility for people to make bets on the games, while at the same time betting on other events as well using the decentralized smart contract-based platform.

There is technology being used that are being created with the Bitcoin Blockbuster platform and being used across multiple platforms on a worldwide and giving protection to everyone who is on the system while at the same time staying compliant with counties regulations.

And IDEA that haven’t been seen by the public are being promoted to help improve the industry as well. There are a lot events happening right now in the industry and they will be perfect for using the system to make bets. It’s guaranteed to be a safe and secure platform for anyone who is using it.

ABM Coin ICO Details

As of now, there is 6.49 BTC that have been received, 10.31 ETH, 40.74 ZEC and 419.37 Waves. The launch and sale of tokens starts this year in 2018 and is ideal for financing new software. In 2019, the plan is to keep software in development and start lending out tokens as well as start trading on the larger exchanges. With the output of tokens based on ABMcoin is going to be sent to each person who is taking part in the form of the system.

Who Is Behind ABM Coin?

There is no disclosure as to who is behind the platform, this is a red flag – especially when in combined with the fact that there is no disclosure on the location of the companies headquarters either. They are now accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as well.

ABM Coin Conclusion

This is a new platform that looks promising but the lack of transparency places them as a high-risk system. I would advise learning more about the company prior to investing with ABMcoin as it could end up being fraudulent and dangerous to invest with.

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