ABotCoin claim this is the ultimate coin that a person can profit with. Their bold claim is because it is decentralized, secure, and backed by ecommerce.

What Is ABotCoin?

The token is a digital asset and a payment system that is commonly known as a decentralized digital currency. It is run on an open source software, which means there is no person or any company/entity who has control of the network. ABotCoin is like the internet, no one owns it, or can take total control of it. A non-centralized platform is what ABotCoin is concerned with most, this is they way it should always be, in their eyes.

The platform is a p2p system in which users can make direct transaction with one another without the need of a bank or other financial institution, such a a cleaning house or credit card company. Transactions are verified via network nodes and kept by record on publicly displayed ledgers known as the blockchain.

Blockchain technology is a publicly distributed ledger and a newly developed method for storing and transferring data. Typically, centralized data centers have stored important information. Often, they have and been employed by huge financial companies or other similar organizations and businesses. Main uses for blockchains have been as storage platforms for keeping information about customers and their private data secure. Other uses have been as ledgers used to record any data on transactions the customers may have made. Technology of this type is typically safeguarded and are completely closed systems who only give access to special operators needing to make entries.

ABotCoin is different, they are a digital currency that is used to pay for a variety of goods and services. In many ways, it’s the same as paper money with a few minor differences. For one, the currency used on the system is data, you can use it to buy stuff, or sell it to other peers on the network. It’s like how paper money works, except in this instance, it’s data.

To get the coins for the platform, you need to either trade other money, goods, or services with peers who have them. Another option is to mine the coin, and that involves the running of some very high-end software and hardware that can decipher mathematical equations. Another purpose of the coin is to buy things and complete transactions for anything you like.

The platform offers personal token security and gives you protection against thieves and hackers. It can’t be stolen from anyone at any time and cannot be tracked either. The transactions made with ABotCoin are completely safe and secure and done p2p. There is also a personalized wallet that can be used to store your tokens across multiple platforms on and offline, it makes for easy payments and the transferring of money. Another bonus is that the coin makes it simple for users to buy anything they want online and to pay within a matter of seconds. With ABotCoin there is no need to wait like you would have to with several other currencies.

You can see a roadmap on the company’s development in greater detail on the website. It is complete with important dates and projections as to where the company will hopefully be in the next couple of years and how they plan to get there. You can also find and trade the token on several different exchanges. The website has a list of all available exchanges for trading ABotCoin.

ABotCoin ICO

Token name: Abot Token
Abot Symbol: Abot

Starting Price Pre-ICO :1 abot for USD $ 0.20
HARD CAP: 300,00000 USD

Total Supply: 30 Million AbotCoin Token
Maximum abot for Sale: 1.4 billion (70% of total coins)
Fundraising Goal: 300,00000 USD
Accepted Currencies: ETH,BTC, Dash Coin & Litecoin
SOFT CAP: 1,000,000 USD

The current ICO Rate on the coin is $0.20 and the active bonus is 10% if you get in right now. You can also read the whitepaper on the website as well. The ICO ends in just 11 days and they have already collected $689,100.00 to date. They accept USD, BTC, ETH and LTC for payments.

As of now, there has been 25,625 registered users for the coin. There is also a referral program put in place that is designed to give bonuses for referring people to the platform. It’s basically an affiliate-based system. And when it comes to ICOs having referral systems on their websites, without information on who is running the show or where the company is located, it is a big time red flag.

Who is Behind ABotCoin?

Currently, there is no disclosure on who is behind the team at ABotCoin. It’s a bad sign of a fraudulent company and hopefully they will take care of this little problem soon enough. Otherwise, they are not a company to be trusted or invested into.

ABotCoin in Conclusion

Don’t invest in these guys, I don’t believe the numbers they’ve posted are accurate or true. It seems like a lot of lies, and the fact that there is no team, is a bad sign as well. Instead find an ICO who has a team that has been verified, with a location put for their headquarters that has also been verified. There are plenty of ICOs on the market that are trustworthy, this just happens to be one that isn’t, yet. But don’t let it stop you from finding a good platform on the market that can be trusted, unlike ABotCoin.

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