AC3 Network

Online content creators and educators have become a global phenomenon that requires a global solution. The e-learning vertical alone is expected to reach approximately $325 Billion within the next decade. The established e-learning trends in the marketplace are focused on categories such as programming; cybersecurity; gaming; cloud-based solutions; corporate MOOCs (massive open online courses); design; digital marketing; innovations in wearable technologies and learning management systems.

However, these models are plagued with problems like inconsistent payments, high service and transaction costs, failed freemium business models and being heavily reliant on traditional financial systems. AC3 Network is building a multi-purpose blockchain with features that will help creators and educators generate sustainable monthly income.

About AC3 Network

The focus of AC3 Network is to empower creators and educators with the power of blockchain technology. The project makes more sense when you realize the teams that built AC3 network are content creators and educators themselves.

To reach the next generation that is migrating to online content marketplaces and video-sharing platforms, they are providing content creators and educators with a less expensive, faster and more secure payment system to generate sustainable monthly income. They want to expand from a platform that only secures payments to a project that will revolutionize how creators protect and deliver content to their audience.

How does it work?

  • Download: Download their wallet to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world
  • Purchase: Purchase AC3 tokens from verified markets
  • Engage: Discover exclusive content from creators accepting AC3 which can be used to learn programming, digital marketing, design and much more.
  • Exchange: Content creators and educators that accept AC3 from students can trade the earned coins like Bitcoin or any other Altcoins.

AC3 Tokens (ACAD)

A total of 100 million tokens will be in distribution with 10% allocated for Pre-sale (at 50% discount), 10% for the token generation event, 20% to the public contributors, 20% for management incentives, 20% for Partnership development and another 20% will be distributed to the AC3 community. 1 BTC will fetch about 19,500 ACAD, 1ETH will get about 1,400 ACAD and 1BCH will get 2,200 ACAD. A purchase is limited to 500,000 ACAD.

40% of the funds raised will be allocated to the research and development of the platform, 20% will be given to the AC3 community, 10% will go for the operations and administration of the platform, 10% of the funds are reserved for marketing the product, 5% is for legal and accounts while 5% is the reserve funds.

AC3 Network Conclusion

AC3 is already partnering with Udemy, Coursera, and dozens of another platform to bring quality content to their users. They already have a proven history of successfully developing, building and growing advanced and disruptive technology. The product is ready to be downloaded on iOS, Windows, and Linux.

To know more about the product, visit .

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