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Thanks to internet of things, the world has virtually become a global village of sorts. And there’s nothing that says this better than the fact than the universality of technology. Of particular interest is a platform that has been lauded as holding the key to complete universality as far as language masterly is concerned.

Academia Lingu aims to give all internet users an equal chance at grasping any foreign or local language of choice. They have done this by mobilizing blockchain technology towards achieving a feat that has hardly been attempted before.

Why Academia Lingu Blockchain Language Education Classes

Academia Lingu prides itself as being an all-round platform as far language mastery goes. It offers a horde of benefits to different players in the ecosystem as it can be seen below:

For Learners

Learners have everything to gain from Academia Lingu. For starters, the platform is optimized in such a way that the users will enjoy a front-row seat in the quest for superior language mastery. Secondly, the learner also has the option of planning his or her process of language acquisition.

Speaking of which, the platform is structured in such a way that every learner in the program is typically involved in the system’s auto-control mechanism. This, of course, implies that if anything goes wrong in the learning process, the platform will then proceed to alert the student in a bid to make him restructure his knowledge acquisition and language mastery technique.

To add on this, Academia Lingu will give the learners an unfettered access to clear and accurate learning resources at the touch of a button. This will include speaking and grammar sessions, news articles and courses.

For Institutes

Thanks to the inception of Academia Lingu, the process of learning new language will not be limited to the confines of countries and localities. Any institute that joins this bandwagon will have a rare chance of expanding its reach to international levels. What’s more, Academia Lingu also showcases the fact that knowledge acquisition and language mastery is possible without an institution relying on a single resource or teacher.

For Instructors

There is no denying that there’s no shortage of instruction-related platforms that are tailored as a way of moving from traditional teaching systems to more modernized and unconventional methods. However, in as much as Academia Lingu borrows a leaf from such establishments, it sets itself apart from the cloud by incorporating innovative & personalized instruction approaches.

All of this is of course aimed at helping users fast -track their learning curve as much as possible. All in all, the platform emphasizes on the fact that teacher now have a way of steering away from outdated and limited teaching methods by adopting personalized and innovative approaches.

What’s more, teachers will now be in a position to determine their lessons/instruction sessions without any third-party influence. This way, they will have all the reason to stay motivated to their duty of passing their valuable knowledge to the otherwise eager learners.

Academia Lingu LIN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: LIN
  • Token Sale Date: 07/01/18 – 09/01/18
  • Token Price: 88 LIN = 1 ETH
  • Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Token Standard: ERC20

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