Accelerator Network

Have you been starting to invest in cryptocurrency recently? The explosion in the price of Bitcoin has made many investors jump on the cryptocurrency market, but many of them do not know all the possibilities of investments. There is much more in the world than Bitcoin, you only have to take some time to know which investments can be the most profitable ones.

Our blog’s mission is to help investors like you. We review many investments on our blog to provide you with a great overview of what can be the most interesting investments for you. Today, we are going to review a company called Accelerator Network.

What Is Accelerator Network?

Accelerator Network is a company that wants to offer a cryptocurrency backed by real assets. The company intends to develop a mining facility powered by renewable energy in the US to back the cryptocurrency.

This way, the users can have trust that will not only be using a cryptocurrency that is fast but also backed by a real asset, which most cryptocurrencies are not.

How Does Accelerator Network Work?

The mining system planned by the Accelerator Network will have 1/2 MW of power and 5,000 GPU processors, enabling as high mining power for the company. This will make this mining facility very powerful and profitable.

With the funding got by selling the tokens, the company will heavily improve its systems and make a more efficient system at the end of the project. The changes will be implemented during 2018 when most of the work will have been made. In 2019, the process will begin to improve the already full-powered mining system.

How To Invest In Accelerator Network?

To invest in this company, you will have to use other cryptocurrencies to pay for pay for the mining of this new one. It is like exchanging one cryptocurrency for another one, but you will be financing the project instead.

By doing this, the Accelerator Network will simultaneously make people use its cryptocurrency and add value to it because it is circulating and being sold and will also produce more of it at the same time, which is a win-win for the company and for the users of the ACC tokens.

Accelerator Network Verdict

Is this a good investment? It really depends. If the Accelerator Network asked for an investment for you to mine Bitcoin, it could be a good investment, but we cannot be sure if this investment will be good or not at the current moment because you will be mining a new coin with this program.

The inherent problem in this system is that you have to use the money you are receiving for it to has any real value and you are using money with actual value to mine the new tokens in the first place, so if nobody is very interested in using this currency, you will be paying for a useless token.

Because of this, feel free to invest in this company, as there is a good possibility that it will be successful, but also be advised that this might not be a very good business decision and that you risk regretting it later.


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