What Is Accord?

When it comes to crypto investing, you can use all the tactics but still make a loss. Much of the crypto markets are a hard concept to grab when it comes to making a profitable trade. Such attributes are as the result of the nature of cryptocurrency and blockchain overall. Features such as decentralization mean the market is under no one's control, so the typical demand and supply forces are not universal.

Nonetheless, a crypto venture claims to be able to incorporate hedge tactics from financial markets to minimize the risks involved with crypto trading. Accord is the name of the new crypto innovation that intends to use hedging options to reduce the consistent losses we witness with crypto markets. With their Accord token (ARD), the Accord Hedging Platform is a pioneer in a field many have tried without much success.

What To Expect With Accord

As the name suggests, the Accord platform plans to grant users the power over their cryptocurrency trading. The project aims to do this through four infrastructure platforms namely: the crypto hedging platform, secure wallets, crypto trading and an autonomous ecosystem. The hedging platform will mitigate the crypto risks involved through taking an offsetting position of the crypto. The concept is to use the standard options used in financial markets.

With the Options, the team formulates a call option and put option for different trading scenarios. The platform indicates the use of alternatives as having a cost-effective outcome, and it is less risky. Further, the firm considers options for crypto hedging since have higher returns with the potential to use more strategic investment alternatives. In essence, options are more flexible to recreate a trading position for reference.

Accord Advantages?

A major plus for the Accord platform is combining the use of Ethereum Blockchain and an ERC20 smart contract. As a result, the hedging platform token is of top quality due to the transparency and security offered by the unique features. That also makes the coin less susceptible to any malicious attack from hackers.

Additionally, the token is readily flexible and accessible for use to the platform members. The attribute results from ARD which is an open source crypto token. The flexibility allows for users to quickly trade the token without any complex transactions, making it instantly tradable at any time.

As probably the most important aspect and advantage of the program is the buyback guarantee. That means if a member feels his investment is not safe, they have the option to sell their tokens to the company, who are willing to take back their coins. In the end, the user is assured of his capital being in safe investment since they can withdraw anytime they feel it's not worth it.

Accord ARD ICO Details

  • Start Date –  January 20, 2018
  • End Date – February 18, 2018
  • Maximum Cap On Crowsale – $10 Million
  • Total Token Supply – 200 Million ARD
  • Purchase Method – Ethereum

Fund Allocation

  • 35% to be retained by the company
  • 48% to be sold in ICO
  • 2% to cover ICO costs
  • 18% to be allocated for incentives

Is Accord Cryptocurrency Trading Safe?

The company's vision to introduce hedging to the world of crypto is the first of its kind. The Hedging would help to cut back on the losses that currency traders experience with cryptos. Whereas hedging will give users better control of their investment, there is little guarantee that the technique will shield you from losses. For the concept of hedging to work, it relies on several factors to play out right. That aside, compared to the stock market, cryptocurrency is a different market, and much of it depends on speculation and impulse trading.

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