For a truly decentralized system to work, fairness is paramount. AchieveCoin that will use the symbol ACH is an open source crypto coin created from Bitcoin Gold. It works in much the same way as Bitcoin. There is no central authority, which oversees or regulates this coin. Its decentralization has been further enhanced via the use of a memory-intensive mining process. The Achievecoin blockchain starts at zero, which will help make mining profitable again for individuals, just like the Bitcoin a decade ago.

The Issues AchieveCoin Aims To Solve

The AchieveCoin community has three key issues that it aims to resolve in the world of crypto. They aim to resolve these three issues for the benefit of all the people on planet earth. One of the issues they aim to resolve is decentralization. To achieve this, they will use Equihash and start their blockchain from zero. This is primarily going to make mining easy and possible using just a computer. They also intend to create a new Radial Code standard, which will act as an alternative to the Barcode and QR Code. Thirdly, they want to develop a gift card product that will make it easier to access digital coins on retail distribution networks globally.

Understanding The Radial Code Blockchain QR Code Alternative

Both Barcode and QRcode are patented products owned by private companies. Each crypto coin address is a unique configuration of numbers and letters that are 27-34 characters long. QR Code represents this address in a machine-readable manner at POS systems in retail stores. The QR Code was created by a subdivision of Toyota in 1994; it still holds numerous patents for QR Code up to date.

However, if there was a better fully open source code that supports more data, it could open up new doors for the adoption of the currency and other innovative technologies. A good analogy would be radio signals. An AM radio signal holds data in the amplitude while FM in frequency. If we could encode data in polarization direction, it would be possible to hold huge amounts data in the same 3D space. Nature has already created a solution for this. For instance, there are no two snowflakes, which are the same. A few snowflakes would be more than enough to hold all the addresses for cryptocurrencies globally.

Opening Up Crypto Coins To The World

There are many places in the world where smartphone penetration is limited. Scrip products such as gift card could offer a more reliable, faster, and affordable method of conducting commercial transactions. AchieveCoin intends to create Scrip products that work for both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

AchieveCoin ACH ICO Details

The ICO, which will start in about two days, will be used to support the current and future development of this project. The first blocks will have a minimal difficulty level; this will allow the founders to mine them rapidly. After that, the difficulty adjustment algorithm will kick in and allow others to mine on an equal footing. Thus, AchieveCoin will manage 1% of the entire supply of coins, which will be distributed to those who participate in the ICO. There will be a total supply of 21,000,000 ACH.

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