Acquaint QAT ICO

Even with all of the technological advances that are taking place within the world of blockchain, an area that seems to have been relatively untouched is that of “real estate”. According to market research, there are only a handful of “digital payments platforms” for property buyers and sellers within the real world today.

Even with all of the advantages that cryptocurrencies have to offer, there are hardly any tools that enable streamlined monetary exchange between property owners, and prospective buyers. Some of the key advantages that crypto technologies offer users include:

About Acquaint QAT

To put it simply, we can think of Acquaint as an “on-chain asset trading platform” that makes use of blockchain technology to carry out all of its transactions. From a more technical perspective, we can see that Acquaint makes use of AI + VR modules to help create an “online dictionary marketplace” that can help allow buyers and sellers to get in touch with each other, without the use of an agent/ middleman.

In addition to all this, the Acquaint will be making use of its own native token to help facilitate “near-zero cost settlements” alongside a wide array of cryptocurrencies.

Some of the key aspects of this service include:

(i) Asset Support:

To allow for maximum customer usability, this platform allows for the use of a wide array of alt-currencies to execute payments and transfers.

(ii) Speed:

Since this system is based entirely within the blockchain, it is able to execute payments within a matter of minutes. Thus, we no longer have to wait for days for banks and other financial institutions to clear our transactions.

(iii) Global:

Another key aspect of Acquaint is that it allows for “low cross-border transaction friction”. Not only that, it has also been designed to enable property listing from across the globe.

(iv) Streamlined:

In order to ensure that all payments and monetary transfers within the system take place in a complete straightforward manner, Acquaint will make use of “smart contracts” that will contend with conventional transactional mechanisms used by real estate developers today.

(v) User Friendly:

The interface employed by this platform is extremely user friendly, and can be made use of by novice/ casual/ advanced investors alike.

Other Important Details to Bear in Mind

(i) Cash + Crypto Compatible:

To help facilitate transactions in remote areas where altcons are not easily usable, this platform will allow for seamless liquidity of digital assets.

(ii) VR Enabled:

As mentioned previously, the developers of Acquaint are looking to partner with VR labs, so as to create a search engine that allows for seamless property viewing.

(iii) Intuitive:

There is a self governing AI module used by Acquaint to help modify the system, as and when the market demands.

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