What Is Activity Token?

Activity Token is a cryptocurrency that aims to unite individuals working independently to earn a living through legitimate clients on a secure platform. By utilizing blockchain technology Activity token ensures there is a guarantee of payment of services and the quality of work in question. Whether a freelancer, entrepreneur or SME, users will get to seek and render services and goods by using and receiving the Activity Token.

Activity Token Characteristics

  • Decentralization- Activity token eliminates the need for intermediaries and connects the employer and employee directly
  • Smart Contracts-as a form of guarantee, Smart Contracts will ensure there is the guarantee of payment for the services or goods.

How Activity Token Blockchain Social Network Cryptocurrency Works

Any potential user in need of a good or service would first have to register to access the marketplace for freelancers and other independent professionals offering the services. Once on the platform, the user gets to purchase the Activity tokens through fiat currency to pay for the services or goods.

A smart contract is established between the parties to the transaction with the terms of cooperation, payments and verifications. Once the contractor is fully satisfied with the job they can now execute the smart contract to release the Activity tokens to the employee's account.

Activity Token ICO & Distribution

Activity token provides a financial model created on the WAVES platform with the supply set at 9 billion tokens. Officially the price rate stands at 1 ACTIVITY token for $0.001. The ICO date is set for 15 July 2018, although the 1 billion token bounty program is much earlier.

  • ICO Sale- 40%
  • Bounty and airdrops-18%
  • Reserve fund-6%
  • Bonus distribution-6%
  • Development team-11%
  • Social network users-12%
  • Marketing

Should You Join Activity Token?

The freelancing industry is making a significant impact on the future of careers, and Activity token aims to capitalize on the growing need for guarantee among freelancers and independent professionals. However, the project's idea lacks a solid background as it lacks a crucial goal or a working product for that matter. Overall, Activity token requires the viability of a prospecting blockchain venture and would not outlive its initial phase.

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