Adpump is a decentralized monitoring marketplace with the listing of CPA advertisers that pay a fixed commission to Adpump for monitoring platform use. Advertisers receive access into the listing of publishers and may switch off or on any publisher that they prefer. This guarantees maximum advantage for advertisers as they don't have to pay the commission for each trade and may contact publishers that they utilize with no intermediaries.

Features Of Ad Pump

  • Adpump is also a brand new monitoring platform for ICOs and provides with the opportunity to generate(or get) payment in cryptocurrency.
  • Transparent platform for publishers using open access to data where they can assess visitors, conversion, average click price, etc.
  • All information about suppliers, terms and conditions, and conversions is saved in the blockchain.
  • No way to fraud or scam users because of the decentralized quality system such as seen with Uber.
  • All campaigns are all based on smart contracts – advertisers can't hide or alter states without notifications or prevent paying for the activities
  • Blockchain platform includes its own money — ADP token.
  • Publishers can purchase traffic out of our spouses in tokens and later convert them to new transactions.

What Is The ADP Smart Token?

The ADP token will offer the following functions in the ecosystem:

  • Payment instrument – to the market service (linking it and solutions).
  • Payment instrument – to get visitors and goal actions inside the platform.
  • Traffic purchasing — publishers can cover the visitors from subscribers in tokens (pop-under, teaser networks(cellular traffic networks);

It's very important to comprehend the way it is possible to get ADP tokens and how to use them. You can get tokens in 2 manners:

  1. Via an enforcement campaign that holds about 2.5 percent of all of the tokens produced
  2. Buy tokens during pre-ICO with reduction or through ICO without reduction

You can use tokens as follows:

  • Pay for target activities
  • Buy traffic from screen and pop under networks and convert it in to action
  • Get % from referral apps
  • Become a part of Adpump base (5 percent+)
  • Exchange for a different cryptocurrency

Adpump Tariff Plans

  • 1 tariff plan — 1 ETH ($300) — that’s the advertiser's turnover from the machine is less than $10,000.
  • 2 tariff plan – 3 ETH ($900) – that the advertiser's turnover from the machine is Over $10,000 but less than $30,000
  • 3 tariff plan – 10 ETH ($3,000) – that the advertiser's turnover from the machine is Over $30,000

After the ICO, all costs will be put in ADP tokens, this can be cost in ETH.

What Exactly Does The Token Cost Depend on?

Pre-ICO — fixed cost ICO — that the cost is determined by supply and demand.

Following ICO — is determined by demand and supply, but is encouraged by AdpumpBase liquidity and need for tokens by the advertisers.

Ad Pump Summary

As one can see from the above list of benefits for Adpump, the platform offers a range of benefits for advertiser and potential investors. It seeks to be a distruptive technology that may help revolutionize the way that CPA advertising is conducted online.

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